American Idol: Top 12 Boys

Toddrick Hall – GRADE: B-, he gets an A for effort. I thought he did what they always ask – change it up, make it your own; he just didn’t have any brakes. He’ll be back, though.

Aaron Kelly – B+ – I thought it was so much better than I thought it would be. Usually these youngsters buckle under the pressure and I thought he was great.

Jermaine Sellers – C+ – Good song, but he didn’t do it justice. He’s OK, though.

Tim Urban – D- – What a hot mess this was. Poor kid. Gets a second chance and then gets sent home immediately.

Joe Munoz -A – Wow, I was having visions of the unibrow from last season who couldn’t sing, but this guy actually did good!

Tyler Grady – A – I was expecting a bad vocal, but he sang this song the way it should be sung. And he seems gawky and awkward and natural, so I hope he stays.

Lee Dwyze – F – Simon is so bitter tonight, but he liked this?? Wait til he hears it on TV. What a terrible terrible vocal. And something about Lee rubs me the wrong way. Bye bye.

John Park – D+ – had its moments, but they were right – he didn’t connect. This is a DIVA song so either camp it up all the way or don’t bother.

Michael Lynche – A – He’s polished, comfortable, and naturally talented. He needs this show as a platform, but he’s almost too good for it musically.

Alex Lambert – C+ – A nice kid, I think, but in over his head. A little slow on the uptake maybe?

Casey James – B+ – I think the personality police got to him and now he’s faking it. Or he was high.

Andrew Garcia – A – My pick to win the whole thing for the boys, at least. He’s perfect for this show and needs it to be successful. He’ll do well – he’s the one I’m hearing buzz about from casual fans.

In order of best to worst tonight:

1. Michael Lynche
2. Joe Munoz
3. Tyler Grady
4. Aaron Kelly
5. Andrew Garcia
6. Casey James
7. Toddrick Hall
8. Jermain Sellers
9. Alex Lambert
10. John Park
11. Tim Urban
12. Lee Dwyze.

See ya Thursday night to gloat about being right. 🙂


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