Royal Rumble 2010


I haven’t been watching WWE for awhile; I will fast forward through RAW if there’s something I want to see (Bret Hart) and I have no idea who half the wrestlers are on ECW and Smackdown nowadays.  That said, I’m going to try to give my thoughts on the Rumble tonight.

I love the promo package where they talk about the statistics of the Rumble . . they need to do more of this kind of piece to demonstrate the importance of winning and losing in wrestling.

Who the heck is Savannah?  Ezekiel Jackson vs. Christian.  Jackson moved better than I expected for a guy his size but this match was much too plodding for an opener.  I was bored. Crowd was into the false finishes, but I think this would have been better on second.

A stupid backstage skit with Cryme Time and Great Khali, though I did laugh at Kali impersonating Urkel.  This set up the MVP vs. Miz match.  Why not set this up on RAW and open the show with it?  Baffling to announce a match for TONIGHT on a Pay-Per-View . . .

Orton segment.  At least this is advancing storyline and not just making matches because the booking team is incompetent and can’t fill up a pay-per-view…

MVP vs. Miz was decent and I really do like Miz.  Which means someone higher on the card will pull his legs out from under him soon.

Big Show and Jericho segment  . . and then another Randy Orton segment followed by a commercial for RAW.  I paid $44.95 for this?!

They’ve set this Sheamus/Orton match up well.  I like Orton because he is a little different.  Sheamus, not so much.  Though his pasty white skin is doing weird things to my TV.  DQ finish is fine because it leads somewhere else.  There is a difference between a DQ finish used to protect people (which is overdone) and one used to forward a story.  I liked this – if it continues to go somewhere.

Girls thing . . well hopefully that ends the stupid Piggy James stuff.  At least she was the babyface, unlike when they insulted Vicki Guerrero and Molly Holly’s weight…

Undertaker is still the best.  but I’m not crazy about those tights.  My phone rang but what I was paying attention to was awesome!

Rumble is up now . . . Ziggler and Bourne worked hard.  Punk is intriguing.  Beth Phoenix is really really good.  What on earth is wrong with Zack Ryder’s pants??   HHH is out and now Punk can get thrown out.  This Drew McIntyre guy is a stranger to me . . and he’s the IC champ?!?  Wow, I’m out of the loop more than I thought.

Shawn Michaels is still the man, but I was scared when HHH landed on his head.

R-Truth?  Really?  He’s the guy who gets to eliminate the two biggest guys?  Is he a major player and I didn’t know it?

Crowd didn’t like Kofi’s exit.

EDGE!! (except the edges of his muscles are no longer there. . . )

Shawn is the best.  I really thought he slipped off the rope and ruined the match for a second.  Such a worker.

Good rumble!  Action kept moving, was never too many guys in there at once . . . good booking for a change, because its not clear where they’re going next . . .

Thanks for reading!


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