Texas Parents Upset by 'Segregated' Gym Class – ParentDish

Read this link.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Texas Parents Upset by ‘Segregated’ Gym Class – ParentDish.

I have to wonder how many of those parents had ever called the school to ask how they could volunteer their time or get involved in their childrens’ education.  I wonder how many of the children got the point of the exercise or just went home to complain because the teacher didn’t just let them play volleyball or badminton or crab soccer that day like normal.  And I wonder how many of them were just upset because they were honoring the memory of Dr. King.

I’m appalled that in 2010 we still have schools who do not acknowledge this national holiday.  I’m irritated by parents who do not support our overworked and underpaid teachers.  And I’m absolutely DONE with kids who don’t appreciate history, culture, and where we’ve come from as a people.

Of course, neither do their parents and that is where the problem lies.

Not all parents are like this, of course.  I work with some wonderful families who go to the museum center and the Freedom Center and watch television programs that some would consider “too mature” in order to have frank discussions with their kids about big issues.  I’m going to have more to say about this later after I write my review of “Spring Awakening.”

Anyway, hope you’re having a pleasant Sunday.  I woke up from a nap and read this article and thought I’d share it with you!  Post your comments below . . .


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