2010 Golden Globes Predictions and Thoughts

Tonight is the Golden Globes and I thought I’d share a few predictions and thoughts on some of the categories:

The only nominee for Best Drama Picture I’ve seen is Avatar and if it wins over Precious or Up in the Air or The Hurt Locker I might just quit going to movies.

I’d love to see Sandra Bullock win tonight for The Blind Side but I’d also be happy with Gabourey Sidibe from Precious just because of how wonderful she has been on various talk shows.

Morgan Freeman has a weird accent in Invictus, so I hope George Clooney wins.

I betcha 500 Days of Summer wins Best Comedy but The Hangover would make for a better acceptance speech!

Meryl Streep will win for Julie & Julia.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will probably win for 500 Days of Summer.

Up will go all the way in the Animated category but all are worthy choices.

Is there any doubt that Mo’Nique will win for Precious as supporting actress?

Christoph Waltz should win for Inglorious Basterds based on what the buzz I’ve read.

TV categories are a bit tougher: Best Drama is probably Dexter, but Mad Men will probably win.

I would love it if Kyra Sedgwick won for the Closer but I’d really like to see Julianna Marguiles win for The Good Wife.  She’s made legal dramas cool again.

Michael C. Hall might win, but it’ll probably be the Mad Men guy again.

Best Comedy for me is The Office but I bet Glee or 30 Rock wins.

Tina Fey should win for Best Actress. Steve Carrel should win, but Alec Baldwin will win.

Jane Lynch takes home Best Supporting Actress for Glee and John Lithgow probably wins for Dexter, though Neil Patrick Harris is my favorite in this category.

We’ll see what happens.  I imagine Ricky Gervais will be funny and will do his best to make everyone uncomfortable.  And we’re usually up for one or two drunken acceptance speeches especially as the night goes on.  Good TV!


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