Movie Review: Avatar

Just so you know, I’ve never been a big fan of the EPIC MOVIE! I’m more a fan of quirky comedy like “Dan in Real Life” or “Juno.” I do like big action pictures in moderation, but they needn’t be 2 hours and 40 minutes long. So, I come to you in advance of this review stating my preference and bias clearly. Hopefully the rocks won’t come so hard now.

I thought Avatar was just OK. I mean – yes, the visuals were stunning and impressive and breathtaking. But they were all created with computers. And that’s fine, but again it doesn’t impress me as much as watching an actor or actress convey true emotion with their faces or body language. I point to Kyra Sedgwick in “The Closer,” a show I often rave about to show you ACTING. In fact, I watched a couple of speeches yesterday done by high school kids that moved me as much if not more than the “emotional” parts of Avatar.

I also must confess that I found the theme of Mother Earth and saving the planet and shame on the cowboys for killing the Indians to be too heavy handed. I get it, Cameron, the White Man is evil. I get it. And I don’t necessary disagree. But still.

Signorey Weaver was a delight, I will say. And I’m glad her character smoked if anyone is keeping score, just because it added to her character. People smoke. You used to be able to see that in front of any hospital before they started to ban it so now you have to look out in the middle of the street off of hospital property to see the nurses puffing away. I hate smoking but to have controversy over a fictional character taking a few puffs in a scene of a movie is ridiculous.

So, was it worth standing in line for. Ah, I didn’t mind. I wasn’t bored, really, but a little underwhelmed at least emotionally. Given that I “feel” for a living, I find that an important component to my entertainment and art.

So while underwhelmed, I still might watch it again on Blue-Ray in the comfort of someone’s living room (richer than I) just to see some of those impressive aerial shots one more time.


One thought on “Movie Review: Avatar

  1. i totally agree. i left a little disappointed. i feel that i have heard that same ol story over and over again….i wanted a District 9, something new, something orginal. i left with a CGI version of Dances With Wolves.

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