New Year's Resolutions

Well, its the first Monday of 2010 and so far I’m doing great on my resolutions. 🙂 They are as follows:

1. I will write something everyday. Whether its an essay, a work of fiction, a poem, a song, a blog post – it doesn’t matter WHAT but it matters that it happens.

2. I will stop drinking pop altogether. I’ve had a Coke this morning for the caffeine so I don’t get a withdrawl headache, but that’s going to be it for the day. I’m almost out of all pop at home, which is great becuase I will not be buying anymore and that temptation will not be there.

3. I am going to exercise more. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m going to run a marathon, but it does mean I’m going to make an effort to be more active in general. So far I’ve gotten a bit of a workout finally figuring out how my vents work here at my office and opening and closing the right ones! Its only taken me a year and a half to figure this out.

4. I am going to be more spiritually and mentally fit. I have a new blog at that will allow me to share with you what devotional and professional building time I’m having as well as a daily prayer,etc. Consider following that as it will not automatically import into FaceBook like this blog does.

So, what did you guys resolve to do this year? Let’s hear it!


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