We finally landed and I booked it off the plane to find the family sitting at the food court. We hugged and headed down to baggage claim. I got my bag immediately and then we went and got in line at the Dollar Rental Car counter. I was standing there in the correct line when a woman walked up to the Members Only line and was helped first – only to discover that she had no idea what she was doing and that she was not a “member only.” Oh well, its vacation and I wasn’t about to let myself get worked up over standing in a line .. . .surely there will be much more of that this trip!

I finally got to go up to the counter and was helped by an agent who suggested an upgrade to a pricier car because of the small luggage space. After seeing what all the family had packed, I agreed we needed something better than a Dodge Journey. So, it was between a Charger and a Town & Country; the Charger is cooler but the roominess of the Town and Country won out.

So, we got the car and headed off to Disney’s All Star Music Resort! We walked right in and went to the first front desk cast member standing there. There were several who weren’t busy and we should have chosen a different one. This poor girl had a difficult time with English and she seemed to not know what she was doing. She certainly had little confidence. It seriously took us about 30 minutes to check into all 3 rooms. She assured me that Kara and Mom’s rooms were connecting AND that they were ready while mine was not. Well, I didn’t care that mine wasn’t ready; we were just ready to get moving.

So, we drove around to County Fair Building 5 to find that the parking lot was closed for the Pop Warner Cheerleaders. DRAT! We found the rooms and discovered that not only were Mom and Kara’s rooms not connecting, they weren’t even next to one another!

I hoofed it all the way back down to the lobby, which took forever, and sought out the first manager I could find. She took me over to a manager behind a counter who sorted it all out and made it right. Thanks to Larry the day was saved, though I did let him know how miffed I was about the parking situation.

I went straight to the car and the family met me so we could traverse to the Animal Kingdom. Kamryn got to pick since it was her birthday and she loves going to the Columbus Zoo with my mom so she thought that the AK was the right choice. We walked in, got our picture taken by a Photopass Photographer in front of the Tree of Life and made our way over to Kilamanjaro Safari. We decided to wait for the parade to come by, though, and we were able to see it. It’s very short!

We literally walked right on to a safari vehicle that was waiting to fill up and had hands down the BEST safari driver ever. His name was Greg, and he worked the script as well as his own observations and experiences and impromptu comments seamlessly. He was entertaining, engaging, and never obnoxious or rehearsed. Kudos to Greg and I will be writing Guest Relations to let them know.

Kamryn was just in awe the whole time. Every time we’d see a different animal, her mouth would drop and she would gasp. It was so much fun seeing her react.

After this, she said she really wanted to ride a roller coaster. I explained that Expedition Everest was a pretty big roller coaster and maybe we should try a “1” coaster like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad tomorrow at the Magic Kingdom before we went on a “3” coaster like Everest. Her mommy and grammy agreed, plus Uncle Kirky’s stomach was already having fits and riding Everest would have ended my day prematurely, I think.

We did take in a showing of “It’s Tough to Be a Bug,” which I was concerned might scare Kamryn a little, but she took it all in stride and laughed at all the jokes and startling 3-D. She really did great and I don’t think we could have asked for better behavior and attitude from her.

We left the park and stopped at the main building to eat dinner at the Food Court. I had a double bacon cheeseburger, while Kamryn had chicken nuggets. Mom and Kara both had a slice of pizza and split a gigantic Ceaser salad, while Jeff had the Hot Italian. Kamryn then got a birthday ice cream cone, which she promptly dropped on the floor . . . And she did not make a fuss or even get upset a little. I’m so proud of her.

They all went down to the pool and I called it a night. My internet in my room didn’t work and they needed to come up and check it out so I told them to wait til tomorrow and I went to bed.


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