Disney World Trip December 2009 – LIVE!


This is a trip that I have been dreaming of for a long time. Ever since my niece was born, I hoped I’d get to be there when she first experienced Disney World and this trip is making this a reality.


Mom (aka Barb) – a young grandma who’s been to Disney several times
Jeff (aka Stepdad) – hard working farmer who’s laid back attitude should mellow the recovering Type A’s in the group
Kara (my sister) – a 30 year old who hasn’t been to Disney World for probably 15 years
Kamryn – turning 6 on the first day of the trip – her first trip!!
And me, a 33 year old Annual Passholder who’s been to Disney 3 times this year already

PLUS My friend Connie, who has co-starred in many of my trip reports will also be part of this trip. She is coming down a day after us and staying a day later but is in the same hotel and she and I are going to MVMCP together on Day Three . . .

Unfortunately, my brother-in-law, Nick, had to pull out of the trip. He’s never been and I was looking forward to showing him around, but maybe some other time. Now . . .on with the show!


I had trouble sleeping the night before, mostly due to excitement I’m sure. I woke up at 5:30 AM, hopped in the shower, and grabbed my bags and headed to the car. I’d checked the weather in Orlando again and decided to take my heavy sweatshirt because of the potential for a cold, rainy trip. I made it to CVG and parked in the long term lot. The way CVG parking works is great – they tell you where to park and send the bus out to get you. There were only 3 of us on board and our driver quickly took us to the terminal. I had checked in online so I just needed to drop off my bag and then headed to the new security check point on the 3rd floor. All the TSA agents seemed friendlier and their new environment did seem to brighten their moods. I was through security in less than 2 minutes and headed to Concourse B.

I was looking forward to getting some Chik-Fil-A for breakfast since the last trip they were closed (it was a Sunday). I had my requisite two chicken biscuits and found my way to the gate where I ate breakfast and then called my mom. They were flying out of CMH because they live north of Columbus. Everyone was awake and alert and they were just having breakfast. Kamryn was already excited and thought that the security process was fun and exciting. Due to some health issues, my sister needed to be hand-searched and that apparently went off without incident.

I found a power outlet where I could plug in my NetBook and iPhone to make sure I had enough of a charge to get through the flight. I’d downloaded a couple episodes of “The Closer” on my iPhone so I’d have something to watch and also have a couple books to read via my Kindle app. My carryon bag is so much lighter now that I don’t have to carry a big laptop or several books on board to keep me entertained.

And then all the forward momentum stopped. The board lit up behind the gate agent and changed to reflect a departure time of 10:10 . . . An hour an 20 minutes later than the original 8:50AM time. A collective groan went out among the other passengers and the gate agent was left explaining that she knew nothing yet but that it appears we were to be delayed. It turns out it was icy in Atlanta and the plane was coming from there.

I watched an entire episode of “The Closer” while waiting and then saw people leaving the gate in droves. They had changed us to B11 instead of B13 and so I headed over there to wait for another few minutes. Finally after a baby fell on my foot and another little monster was threatened by his grandmother with a cancelled trip to Disney, we were boarding the plane.

I was able to use my netbook on board and got online to chat, update FaceBook, and answer emails. Its such a convenience, but $9.99 for two hours of internet service seems like such a ripoff.

More soon . . .


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