Movie Review: Where the Wild Things Are

Not often does a movie leave me this befuddled in regards to my critique. I don’t really know whether I liked it or not. I know I didn’t love it and I know that I was bored during parts of it . . . but I also think the subtle symbolism and light-handed approach to the movie’s “moral” were a nice reprieve from the usual kid’s movie fare.

Let me be clear: this is not a movie for children. There’s nothing objectionable really. It’s not overly scary. It is overly talky, though, and I think children will be bored senseless and most definitely will not pick up on the subtleties of the characters and their role in Max’s psyche reconciling with itself.

As a psychological piece of art, I think I liked it a lot. As a Friday night out at the theater with a group of obnoxious college-aged morons sitting behind me talking throughout, I know I hated it.

I think you’ll have to decide this one for yourself.


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