Movie Reviews: Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D & The Hangover

On Friday, my friends Connie and Ethan and I went to see Toy Story’s double feature in 3D. First – and I might have to turn in my Annual Pass to Disney for this – but I have to admit that I’ve never actually seen either Toy Story all the way through. See, the first one came out when I was just out of high school and going to Disney movies in the theater seemed weird and there weren’t any little kids around to have the DVDs for so . . . well, anyway, the point is I never saw them. So these were pretty much brand new for me.

We all know that Pixar is amazing at graphics and story telling and all of that. So, there’s no surprise that I loved them. And I’m sure that the 3D helped tell the story even better. I love Pixar’s philosophy that the 3D shouldn’t be used as a gimmick to pop things out but to draw the audience in. I think I liked Toy Story 1 better than 2 for storytelling but I thought #2 was definitely funnier. Regardless they are both masterpieces and my entourage enjoyed them immensely, too.

Then today I went and saw The Hangover for $3.00. I’d heard it was hilarious and had wanted to see it for awhile and was glad it was at the cheap theater. I enjoyed this very much, as well. Unlike most of these kinds of movies the characters were very well developed and stayed true to form. There wasn’t any major redemptive issue for most of them but they all seemed to grow and learn from this experience.

Ed Helms (Andy from the Office) would have stole the movie with his understated performance if it wasn’t for the even more understated yet out-there turn of Zach Galifianakis as Alan. Ridiculous yet not over the top, this will finally give this brilliant standup comedian the recognition he’s deserved for years. I saw him on Comedy Central years ago and he was quirky and weird and very funny. Its good to see him again.

Before I go, let me address a problem I saw in both of these film-going experiences this weekend. Ladies and gentleman – if you have children, you are responsible for their well being. This probably means not taking babies and toddlers and school-age children to movies that end at 11 PM no matter if it is a cartoon or not. And please, for the love of pete, do not take 6 year olds to R rated movies. Thank you.

See ya soon with reviews of “Whip It” and hopefully “Zombieland” or “Couples Retreat” or who knows what. . .


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