Movie Review: All About Steve

Sandra Bullock is one of those actresses who can take a little and do a lot. She proves that in “All About Steve.” This is not a great movie, but its certainly not as bad as some of the critics have claimed. Yes, its a little unfocused and its definitely schmaltzy – but the honesty that Bullock brings to the screen no matter how cheesy the movie is here in full force.

Bullock’s character, Mary Magdalene Horowitz, is a Jewish-Catholic single woman who writes crossword puzzles for a living. For her its more than a job; its her passion and she is definitely misunderstood. Through a series of events, she winds up falling for Steve (Bradley Cooper), a cameraman for a network news channel, much to his bewilderment. And fall for him she does – including falling right down a big giant hole! I’d apologize for the spoiler, but if you’ve seen the commercials or trailer, you’ve seen this moment already.

Thomas Hayden Church is great in his role as the self-absorbed news reporter and Dr. Ken plays it fairly straight here as their producer. The supporting cast, including DJ Qualls and an unrecognizeable Howard Hesseman, were funny and supported the star very well.

This is definitely a star vehicle for Bullock and while she won’t win any awards for her performance and this movie won’t gross 50 bazillion dollars, it was a nice diversion for a rainy Sunday afternoon. I’m glad I saw it.


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