Too Fat to Exercise

My friend Connie told me that she felt bad for laughing, but she thought that the idea of my toilet seat collasping under my enormous weight was too hilarious not to laugh at. Well, she ain’t heard nothing yet.

However, before we get to that I’d like to give you another update on my car. So, after spending almost $250 on “preventive maintenance” at Valvoline on Sunday, my engine most likely threw a rod on Monday morning on the way to work. Yippie!

I was on the highway when all of a sudden it lurched and made a real loud bang and then became very loud and rattly all the way to the exit. I pulled into the car lot where I bought it but the mechanic on duty wasn’t on duty yet so I went across the street to the other little garage where the mechanic there told me it sounded like it threw a rod but that it was still running smooth and that I should be able to make it up to Bob Sumerel if I took it easy.

I got there with the oil light on and coolant spraying out as the car began to overheat. I had to walk to Kroger (and boy was it hot) in order to get to the bank and then I had to walk back to my office.

The warranty company (yes, I have a three year warranty and since I’ve only had the car for 5 months, things should work out but we’ll see) wants the shop to pull down the oil pan and look to see what might be wrong. Unfortunately, the shop is too busy to do that today or tomorrow or the next day and so I’m in a rental car for the time being that also may or may not be covered by the warranty.

Let’s just say its been a bad freaking week.

BEFORE all of that happened, though, I intended to start using my Wii Fit again. So, Monday morning I booted it up and stepped up on it as it instructed only to be greeted with the standard scream (though I swear it was a bit louder than normal) and a message saying that the weight limit was exceeded and the software needed to reset.

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am officially too fat to exercise.


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