Human Moments

Its the small moments in life that shape us and can make or break us.

On Fridays, I volunteer my time at Mt. Carmel School, which is a small country school in Franklin County, Indiana. For the longest time, I only knew one route to take to get there and it was called Johnson Fork Road. The county was working on a small construction project on this windy, curvy path and so it was closed last week. I found an alternate way to go using intution and deductive reasoning and was quite proud of myself.

So, this past Friday when I headed out there, I tried another route I suspected would work. I was right – IF they hadn’t been doing construction there, as well. So, I took more back roads and wound up somewhere I somewhat recognized and called my friend Patti, the school secretary, who confirmed I was on the right track.

On the way home, I thought I’d be safe and take the actual detour that was suggested by the road signs. Of course, there was little communication between construction crews and the detour was also closed.

Yes, that’s right, all three logical routes were blocked.

So, I got to the road block on the detour and backed my car up . . . and it stalled. And then it wouldn’t start again. In fact, it wouldn’t even turn over at all. I had 2 battery bars left on my cell phone and I began to panic a little.

A hurried and confident woman got out of her car and helped me push mine out of her way so she could breeze through the road block despite the warning signs. The man who was paving the road also got off his vehicle and talked with us and explained what was going on.

Fortunately, I was able to get ahold of AAA and while talking to the nice man on the phone I realized that I had no idea where I was or how to tell the tow truck driver how to find me. Cars kept coming around the curve trying to get through and slamming on their breaks when they saw the road closed and my car blocking the path sideways.

Finally, a nice construction worker came over and looked under my hood. He messed with my battery cables and I tried to start it up again. No luck. I was just about to give up when I turned the key to put the car in neutral. “Vroom!” it started up!

I quickly put into gear and raced off towards town on the freshly repaved and reopened road. The techs at Bob Sumeral said that they couldn’t find anything wrong. The car has been working fine since, though today I did get the oil changed and had them change the transmission fluid and refreshed my coolants. Just in case.

My favorite part of this story is that I interacted with about 15 different people on that usually lonely country road. Since I was roaming around outside on the road, I found myself walking up to cars and explaining what I knew about the road closure and the alternate routes and so on. I realized that about 5 years ago, I would have just sat in my car and avoided eye contact hoping that no one would talk to me. I would have been sweating and praying that AAA just found me or that God would have just picked my car up and dropped it back in Harrison. I’ve grown.

In other news, I’ve also grown heavier and tomorrow I am starting a new exercise and diet program. I’ve said this before, but after last week’s incident where I broke my toilet seat in two pieces from what I assume is bordering on Orca Fat, I have got to do something. Though that did give me the opportunity to learn about replacing toilet seats. I’m becoming handy.

Anyway, hope all my readers are well and all that. Look for a new story series coming soon. Like maybe later tonight if I stay motivated.


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