America's Got Talent Top 40 – Round One

I love this show. Sure its cheesy and overdramatic, but as these types of shows go, its better than Star Search and I like that they allow different types of acts to compete.  I love the mix of the judges (and the irony of having two British judges finding the most talented American is not lost on me) even though I often find David to be as obnoxious than Paula Abdul.  Piers is more passionate than Simon Cowell, which can be very entertaining/infuriating/touching, and I think Sharon is usually dead on right.  Oh, and while Nick Cannon is decent as the host, he shows us why Ryan Seacrest is so highly paid.  No one can touch Ryan Seacrest. I’d love to have his job and his talent. 


On to the acts:


Break Sk8 – Piers is right; they move too slow.  It was good, but there are far better dance acts in this competition.


Thia Megia – She’s great for 14 but an average singer overall.  She’d be great for a Disney Radio kind of career but not for this show.  Why didn’t they let Piers talk at first??  Weird production goof for sure.


The Platt Brothers – How different!  Very engaging and strange and entertaining . . . my favorite thus far . . . The judges are wrong.  I like the random chaos of it all and America will vote for them because they are funny and likeable regardless of the content of their act.


The Diva League – What? An army of 6 foot crossdressers isn’t scary enough without cobwebs and coffins?  Seriously, nothing makes me more uncomfortable than one drag queen . . . this was horrifying.


Manuela Horn – Well, she tried.  It was like Meryl Streep in Mama Mia! But without any talent, of course.  I didn’t like the dominatrix thing and this wasn’t any good, either.


Grandma Lee – You know, they don’t usually patronize kids with limited talent so why are they doing it to this old lady?  She’s got no sense of timing and her material isn’t THAT good.  I don’t find her likeable at all. 


Wow, this show is not going well so far.


Mosaic – They’re energetic and timing and cohesiveness was better than average but not great.  The lead singer was not that good, though.  The harmonies are where they should focus and they didn’t do enough of that.


Acrodunk – These guys are very impressive and they were able to put on a compelling show with the set and the dancing and the other stuff . . . I’m just not sure how long you could watch them though in Vegas?  For a 5 minute act they’re great, but for 2 hours?  I don’t know.


Arcadian Broad – Wow!  Was he really playing that piano??  Piers is an idiot; this kid is a fantastic pianist and if he only danced I would have wanted him to go home.  This kid just earned my respect!  Incredible act.  He deserves to go through.


Drew Thomas Magic – It took awhile to get there and I didn’t think it was that complicated of a trick.  I won’t explain it to you if you didn’t figure it out, but really?  That wasn’t that impressive?  But I’m glad the judges liked him because I want to see magic do well.


Kevin Skinner – It was probably nerves, but this poor guy was not that great tonight.  His voice was shaky and I think he forgot the words at one point.  Nice story but he’s out of his league here.  The judges are hearing something different than I am.


Lake Houston Dance – I wanted to hate this act because I find these giant dance troupes to be offputting. . . but WOW.  Their choreographer should get an award!  This was great!


Who Should Go On:  Arcadian Broad and The Platt Brothers.  My alternate choice is Mosaic.

Who Will Go On: Acrodunk (which is fine with me) and Lake Houston Dance.


We’ll see tomorrow . . . and I hope Terry Fator has a new voice! He’s awesome!























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