The Joy of Banking

I used to overdraw my bank account all the time. Not on purpose, mind you, but when you have a debit card and you buy gas and your balance is not entirely accurate, its very easy to do. I learned pretty well, though, how it all worked and haven’t done it in a long time.

Until this week.

I was getting gas the other night and left my friend out by the car and said, “Don’t let it go past $20.” He didn’t hear me and I came back out of the store to see that we were up to $32 and some change. I knew there wasn’t enough in my account to cover that, but I figured I’d have a few days to make a deposit and things would be all good.

Well, Fifth Third must have some sort of express agreement with Speedway or something because the next day the charge was posted and it was already too late.

“Oops,” I said, as I pulled up my account online. I went to the ATM and deposited $100 to bring the account current. Little did I know that wasn’t going to cut it.

This morning I pulled up my account to see how much that overdraft fee was going to be. Well, because the bank is a shady institution, they charged me THREE overdraft fees instead of one because of the way THEY chose to post the pending charges to my account. So once again, I’m overdrawn.

I called to talk to a nice lady named Fonda who did reverse half of the charges, but posted that as of today, which meant that I was again going to be overdrawn tomorrow. So I went to the bank, deposited $200 in the account, and talked to the teller who said that I was going to have two more charges tomorrow but that she thought we had stopped the bleeding.

I’m definitely considering just keeping my money in my mattress from now on.


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