Open Mouth, Insert Foot

My email address is for a reason. I registered the domain name years ago based on my habitual routine of saying things that I usually didn’t mean and that would come back to haunt me later on.

It happened again just the other day and you all were party to it!

If you read my blog the other night about Wendy’s, the air conditioner, and the ghost tours, you saw me insult the two gentleman who were hanging out by the cemetery with a big sign that said, “Miamitown Ghost Tours.” I blogged about this in a humorous way, tongue planted firmly in my cheek. I never thought anyone would see it except a few folks who had time to kill on Facebook and needed something to occupy them during lunch or something.

So, imagine my surprise when I got an email from one of the “Ichabod Crane” lookalikes I’d so imaginatively insulted. He couldn’t have been more gracious and I actually learned more about what exactly they do on these tours. They start outside the cemetery and walk the other direction telling stories about ghosts that have supposedly haunted the area. It might be a fun Halloween activity, actually, and I appreciate that they took my jabs in the spirit they were intended.

The moral of the story, though, is that no matter how anonymous you think you might be the Internet is still public domain and you never know who’s listening. You’d think after almost 15 years of having a web presence and being called out for things I’ve said, I’d stop being shocked at my own ability to make a fool of myself.


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