Idol Top 2

DISCLAIMER:  I have said since Day One that I wanted Adam to win this show; I also always love an underdog.  I never believed Kris would last this long and now I’m a believer.  I don’t care which one wins at this point, but I only hope its because they were the best singer and not just the heterosexual one.


Adam Song #1 – “Mad World” – What a gorgeous design for this performance… presentation gets an A+ from me, too, Randy… the smoke and shadows and long coat… an another amazing vocal, too… I’m sure people that don’t “get” Adam were just as outraged and confused by this, but the live audience seemed to enjoy it and so did I.  Performance gets an A- because it didn’t feel as special as it did the first time.


Kris Song #1 – “Ain’t No Sunshine” – I loved this when I first heard it; in fact it was the song that made me first start to think he was pretty good and not just some OK pretty boy.  I didn’t like having him and the piano on that huge stage, though… the band should have been closer to him somehow. It just looked weird.  So… D+ on the presentation, but a B+ on the performance.


Adam Song #2 – “Change Is Gonna Come” – Talk about passionate!  Adam tells such a story with his facials and his intonations.  I really enjoyed seeing him groove and jam out to this song.  Well done.  And the design again was tremendous!  A+ for the suit and the guitar work and A+ for the vocals!


Kris Song #2 – “What’s Going On” – Simon Fuller has good taste in song choices.  Some bad notes here and I’ve heard performances like this at coffeeshops all through college.  Nothing special.  Presentation and performance both get C+’s.


Adam Song #3 – Kara’s Syrupy Stupid Shallow Song – Adam Lambert would never be caught dead singing this kind of crap anywhere but on this finale show.  I felt bad for him, just like I did for Blake Lewis in his season when he was asked to sing stuff that was completely wrong for him so they could hand the crown to Jordin Sparks (who I like, by the way, but Melinda Doolittle SHOULD have won that year based on talent alone).  I thought Adam handled this as well as could be expected.  C-, though, because the song sucked.


Kris Song #3 – This Song Is Terrible, by Kara DiaGuardio – Wow, I feel bad for whichever one wins now if this is going to be their first single.  Neither of them sang it that great, but Adam knows how to cover up for his shortcomings so well that you don’t think he has any… that’s the mark of a true professional. Kris was strained here and had a tough time with it.  Both of these guys are better than this piece of crap song.


Bottom Line:  Adam should win on talent, Kris could win on his incredibly humble personality, and at this point I don’t care because both of them are great.  This has been the best season EVER of this show and I can’t imagine how they would ever top it . . . but I thought that last year, too.  I will vote one time tonight and it will be for Adam, but again, I won’t be sad if Kris pulls off the upset.  If you read this before the voting is over, vote for whomever you think is the best singer but please please please don’t vote to make a political or moral statement… its American Idol, folks.


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