Idol Top 4

Adam – He sounded SO much like Axl Rose, I was glad he didn’t do a Guns and Roses song for fear of being called a copycat… I really didn’t love this as much as his other stuff and mostly because I didn’t like the song (and yes I know Zeppelin is great, but I’ve never been a huge fan)…I do bet it was amazing live!

Allison – Not so great on the week that should have been her week, but she looked fantastic… but shut up… Simon’s always right, everyone knows it… you will not win that. Still bettter than that horrible Danny Gokey.

Kris & Danny – Not good. Danny was off key, Kris was out of his element, and Randy is tone deaf. The harmonies were terrible. Kris looked nauesous but maybe that was because he was smelly Danny’s smarm.

Kris – There we go… this is in his wheelhouse and I liked it.. he looked comfortable and sounded confident… I especially liked the bridge. He still looked nervous at the end; I think he’s afraid he’s going home.

Danny – He was not good tonight… in past years this performance would have been fine but this year’s contestants have proven that they are far better than this… he lost the notes as he held them longer and that scream at the end was just stupid. I hope he screwed up tonight and is going home, but my fear is that he gets a pass by his fanbase which I’m sure is HUGE.

Adam & Allison – Worse song of the two duets but ABSOLUTELY the best. They like each other and were having fun while Kris and Goofy almost ignored each other’s presence. This was great and fun and I’m glad they picked a simple song so they could focus on their own solos. Good show.

I wish Danny would go home, but I am going to go out on a limb and say tonight its Kris…though they did show that terrible last note of Goofy’s and that alone might send him packing. We can DREAM ON can’t we? HA!


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