Idol Top 5 – Rat Pack

I love Jamie Foxx… he is gold…
Kris Allen – great this week!  I liked his humble understated groove…
Allison Iraheta – Happy Birthday!  Sultry, classy, and tremendous. What a wonderful build to a great climax… she’s fantastic! Awesome show so far!
Matt Giraud – Urgh, that stupid hat is back.  I don’t know what it sounded like before but the key was too low at the beginning  . . .This is a tricky song . .. Constantine did a pretty decent job with it, Melinda Doolittle KILLED it, and Matt wasn’t as good as either of them.  I think he may be in trouble tonight . . .
Danny Gokey – I could watch Jamie Foxx for hours . . . mesmerizing . . . Danny Gokey – not so much.  This was better than his usual non-yelling, but he of course had to start shouting at some point.  I’m sure he told the band he was going to “take it to church” too or something else equally as offensively smug… Simon is not helping tame this monster, yuck… he’s 4th from the top tonight for me behind Allison, Adam, and Kris but better than Matt.
Adam Lambert – I love Adam so much.  This was not my favorite performance for him, but he can really do no wrong.  I think he redeemed the whole thing for me with that big note at the end and no matter what happens, he is a huge huge star in the making and even Jamie Foxx was humbled to be in his presence.
Top 5:
1 – Allison
2 – Adam
3 – Kris
4 – Danny
5 – Matt
Should go home: Matt, but I’m afraid Allison might…. and I’d throw a huge giant party if it was Danny….

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