Idol Top 7 – Disco Week

Lil Rounds – As bad as normal, she does not have a strong voice and even on a song like this which isn’t that hard to do if you stay in your range, she sucked bad.  Off key the whole time!
Kris – Hmmm…for me, it was just moderately better than someone busking in an airport, I think.  I wish he had done it straight with the full band and brought more energy to it.  And Paula is absolutely insane.
Danny – He’s only good when he’s screaming. People used to say that about Fantasia until she did Summertime; Danny proved he can’t sing good on anything other than yelling screamfests.  He was so super impressed with himself tonight again and I think I’m going to barf.
Allison – AMAZING.  She’s so great and when Ryan first said she was doing this, I got worried.  But she knew exactly what she was doing and she sang it perfectly.  I loved it!!  And Simon is so much smarter than Kara and Randy. 
Adam – I found a youTube video of his performance on Broadway in the Ten Commandments and it was phenomenal.  He does not need this show to have a professional career; there is no one in the history of this show that can outsing him and that includes Kelly Clarkson, who I think is amazing.  I don’t know how else to compliment and praise him.  AND AGAIN HE THANKS THE BAND/ARRANGER.  What a pro.
Matt – He brought back the stupid hat.  But it worked.  This was actually pretty good… He might have saved himself another week.
Anoop – Yep, Matt’s safe.  Anoop is a talented singer and I didn’t hate this, but it was not a crowd pleasing favorite like Stayin’ Alive.  And the new look isn’t good.
Bye bye to Lil and Anoop…

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