Controversial Survey

My friend Hooks did this and I thought I might as well, too . . .
01] Do you have the guts to answer these questions and re-post as The Controversial Survey?
— I ain’t afraid of much, though I do hope that the clients I work with that might stumble across this will remember that my personal opinions don’t matter that much and I’m loving of all people and tolerant of all viewpoints, even the ones that are wrong. 🙂

[02] Would you do meth if it was legalized?
Oh my gosh, no.  And if you would, then I have a documentary you need to see that would certainly change your mind.

[03] Abortion: for or against it?
–Against it, even in cases of rape, because I don’t believe an innocent soul should be held responsible for a rapist’s choice and while I have great empathy for the victim of sexual assault, we live in a world full of hard moral decisions and a soul created should not be destroyed. 

[04] Do you think the world would fail with a female president?
No, the British have done fairly well with female leaders.  It just needs to be the right female.

[05] Do you believe in the death penalty?
–Unlike many of my friends who can argue in favor of the death penalty but still call themselves pro-life, I say no on all killing.  For one thing, God allows us all the chance to repent of our sins and even the most heinous of acts can be forgiven, which doesn’t always seem just or fair, but I’m grateful for a God who forgives me of my sins (as numerous as they are) and thinks everyone should be given that right.  Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t think life in solitary confinement for dangerous people is bad but destroying a life is just a bad idea all the way around.

[06] Do you think Marijuana should be legalized?
–No and I’d go so far as to say we should rid the world of alcohol, too.  I don’t see any positive benefits to either of these things, though honestly if I had to pick which one is worse, I’d go with alcohol. 

[07] Are you for or against premarital sex?
–I didn’t realize it premarital sex was a cause you could be “for,” but I guess it is.  I believe that there is an emotional bonding that occurs when people are intimate with each other and when its not done in the context of a committed relationship, you are asking for psychological and emotional trouble.  And if people would respect marriage for what it is and not jump into marriage for the sake of having sex (like some Christians do!), then by all means they should wait.

[08] Do you believe in God?
–Yes, with all my heart, in spite of not always being the best representative for Him. Like all people, I’m a hypocrite at times and am grateful for the grace He gives me in spite of it.  The world is just too big of a coincidence to not have some sort of Master Creator and I’m educated enough in apologetics to make a reasonable case for His existence and argue in favor of other Christian concepts.

[09] Do you think same sex marriage should be legalized?
–No because I do like the idea of marriage remaining true to its traditional definition, however that’s just a semantics gave.  I think that all couples should be given the right to make some sort of legal union that allows them the same benefits of married people.  Actually, I think that we should abolish all tax cuts, employee benefits, etc. based on being married or having children (as a single person) and just tax us all equally at the same rate.  My morality is not the same as my politics and for good reasons; the government has proven they are even more flawed than the Church as an instution and that’s pretty sad!

[10] Do you think it’s wrong that so many Hispanics are illegally moving to the US?
–Except for the natives, aren’t we all immigrants to this country?  But doing so illegally is not cool.  It doesn’t seem all that hard to become a citizen, but perhaps I am ignorant about that?

[11] A twelve year old girl has a baby, should she keep it?
–Its a baby and not a doll and no twelve year old girl that I know can raise a baby.  It should be adopted and not by her parents because we already saw what a bang up job they did with her if she’s sexually active at 12!

[12] Should the alcohol age be lowered to eighteen?
–They all drink anyway and the police have more important things to do than monitor this, however they somehow seem to be needed a lot when alcohol is invovled.  I hate alcohol so so much and see how it only leads to destruction and negativity.  And I wish I felt differently because I betcha I’d love to drink wine, which is all the more reason for me not to try it.

[13] Should the war in Iraq be called off?
–Is it really a war when all we’re doing is hanging out there waiting for something to happen?  Again, perhaps I’m not all that educated on this topic but I think we should become a little more offensively-minded and stop being defensive in our approach and wrap things up a little quicker.  Plus, true wars are good for our economy and we need all the help we can get.

[14] Assisted suicide is illegal, do you agree?
–Yes, again I try to be consistent in my views on the sanctity of life and its too slippery of a slope to head down.

[15] Do u believe in spanking your children?
–Up until a certain age and only when the parent is not angry and with the hand only.

[16] Would you burn an American flag for a million dollars?
–I never understood the big flag burning argument. In a country based on free speech and freedom of expression, who cares if some idiot burns a flag as long as they bought it.  Burning something doesn’t make its message invalid.

[17] Do you hate Obama?

[18] Do you think Obama will be killed?
–That’s such a stupid thing to think about.  He’s in no more danger than any other President ever has been.

[19] Should child predators be forced to wear signs identifying themselves?
Child predators should be monitored at all times with GPS devices and those dog collars that shock them when they leave their yards. They should be on permanent house arrest and have no access to the Internet.  But they do have some right to privacy, so no signs.  🙂

[20] Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers?
–I certainly hope so.  I wouldn’t have posted it otherwise.

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