Idol Thoughts – Top 13

I’ll just give some random thoughts about each contestant from this week:
1. Lil Rounds – I hated this performance and think the judges are nuts for liking this.
2. Scott MacIntyre – Not the best voice, but maybe the nicest guy.  His piano playing is tremendous and he should be given more credit for having to learn songs without the benefit of sight!
3. Danny Gokey – This was really good (especially compared to the version Justin Guarini did in season one), but there is something about Danny that bugs me.  I think its an insincerety that comes out when he’s being interviewed.  I saw him on Idol Wrap on the TV Guide Network and he came off as a bit of an arrogant ass.  But this was one of the better performances of the night.
4. – Michael Sarver – He’s OK, not as good as the judges want him to be, but seems like the real deal and I don’t hate him.
5. – Jazmin Murray – In way over her head and will go home this week.
6. – Kris Allen – This is a musician’s musician and he will be here for awhile. I  wish Simon hadn’t been so misunderstood though with the wife comment; I think he meant that he would get more votes if girls think he’s available.  Just like the babyfaces in wrestling – they weren’t allowed to bring their girlfriends or wives to the arenas because the promoter knew they’d draw more money if the female fans thought they had a shot at getting with them. Simon’s strength is marketing and that was what he was talking about.
7. – Allison Iraheta – I love this girl and think she’s really great, but her age might be a factor in how she handles herself.  I suspect she’s a bit of a diva backstage.
8. – Anoop Desai – Oh, Anoop, you’re so likeable, but really… “Beat It”???  I’m sad for you.
9. – Jorge Nunez – OK, are we done yet?  Send this guy packing, he creeps me out and he’s not that great of a singer.
10. – Megan Joy Corkery – I enjoyed this and I’d like to know what Michael Jackson song the judges would think possibly fit her style any better?  “Thriller?”  “Billie Jean?”  This was the perfect choice for her and I liked her more tonight than ever.  But she won’t last, because she’s too different.
11. Adam Lambert – My favorite this year and I can’t wait to see more.  This guy exudes confidence and unlike Danny Gokey it never seems arrogant.  Because its real and natural.
12. Matt Giraud – More piano, more R&B, better songs.  I like him and hope he’s around for awhile, but I don’t like his chances.
13. Alexis Grace – Above average, she has true potential, but I hated this song.
My pick to win at this point: Adam Lambert
Needs to go home this week: Jorge and Jazmin
Your thoughts?

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