I made it to the hotel (Quality Inn and Suites by the Indy airport) after a couple short detours (code for getting lost – twice) and got to watch the end of American Idol before settling in for the night. On the way here, I was rethinking my intinerary a little and I might make some modifications. Stay tuned to see what I end up doing and when!

I did make a brief stop at the McDonald’s on Post Road and I’m still amazed that this location doesn’t have hot chocolate but does have a stupid Red Box Movie Rental machine. PRIORITIES, RONALD!

While I was lost, I called 411 to get the number for the hotel and the idiot girl on the phone couldn’t find the hotel so I hung up on her rather rudely and called back. They must have been warned about me because the 2nd lady was more stern about the locations available. I hung up on her, too. I did find the place and thanks to Tiffany at the front desk, I’m on the 1st floor and comfortable.

My flight is out tomorrow at 10:35, so I’ll leave the hotel about 8am which is so much nicer than leaving my home at 6am. My head cold is almost gone, so pray/keep your fingers crossed/meditate/whateverspiritualmethodyouemployee and hope that I’m all better before I have to get on the plane.

I’ll probably check in from the airport… see ya then!


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