Dan in Real Life

I love Steve Carrell. You could probably put him in the worst movie ever made (maybe even 88 Minutes!) and he would still be charming, real, and honest. His portrayal of Michael Scott in the Office is such amazing work given how awful his character could be – repulsive and obnoxious – and yet you can’t help but like him and feel sorry for him and want to rescue him from himself.

In “Dan in Real Life” he’s not quite as bumbling, but still has some of that awkwardness that makes him endearing. I laughed out loud at the situations and not the jokes and that is the mark of a good comedy in this era, I think. His family is so wonderful and even the usually terrible Dane Cook played it lowkey here. Maybe I don’t hate him so much after all. (But he’s still not funny).

What a nice movie for a cold snowy day.


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