88 Minutes

Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors of his generation so why does he make movies like this? Between him and Amy Breneman (“Juding Amy”) and Leelee Sobinski (“Joyride,” “The Glass House”) – three very capable and talented actors – you would have thought this would be a sure fire hit. But like a blind man playing Call of Duty, this one missed BIG TIME. You were never able to invest in any of the characters emotionally because you could smell a swerve coming at any minute. Pacino’s character was not likeable at all and Breneman was completely wasted here.

This was 88 Minutes of my life I’ll never get back; it would have been better had the power gone off and I’d been left alone to finish reading Twilight or one of the other books on my list. Oh well, as long as there’s power I’ll be watching the big stack of movies in the closet I’ve not gotten to yet.



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