25 Random Things About Me

It seems all my friends on FaceBook are doing this during this snowstorm so I should do the same. Enjoy!

1. I love ketchup. I used to be a strictly Heinz man, but my tastes have changed a little and I can tolerate variations on that in restaurants. However, if it’s out of a bottle, it better be Heinz. My mom even used to try to trick me by buying Meijer brand and putting it in a Heinz bottle, but I always knew the difference.

2. I love to sleep in hotels. Once in awhile, if I have extra money, I’ll book a hotel room just for fun.

3. I have a very active imagination. As I was growing up, I used to pretend I had a television studio and theme park at my house. I would “host” my favorite TV shows during commercials and had a whole imaginary cast of characters who were also broadcasting with me. I also had several shows including “Kirk Sheppard LIVE!” which was a reality show before there were any . . . basically cameras had been implanted in my glasses and there was a mind-reading microphone in my head that broadcasted the highlights of my life. Also, I used to love to read every night and I pretended to have the technology under my pillow to see what I was imagining as I read. I also played with action figures and in my world, the technology was there to take what I did with the figures and animate the action in real time with life-like wrestlers.

4. I have fulfilled some of my childhood dreams through the wrestling business. I’ve gotten to wrestle, which is a highlight, but also I’ve been able to host and broadcast a lot. The only thing still missing on that dream list is to host a “live” TV show, though I’ve done some live podcasts, which are fun.

5. I grew up in a small town that was 25 minutes from the nearest McDonald’s. That’s probably why I eat out so much now.

6. In college, I had a podcast before there were any, a fact pointed out by my old college friend Mike Morehart. I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing back then. Sometimes that show got me in a whole lot of trouble.

7. I’m really good managing other people’s money; when it comes to my own, I like to buy stuff a little too much.

8. I go to Disney World at least twice a year. More on this later, I’m sure.

9. I grew up with computers in the house all the time. My first computer that was all mine was a Tandy from Radio Shack.

10. My first job was at Wal-Mart pushing carts, cleaning up spills, and helping people to their cars with big heavy items. I excelled there and was promoted twice – once to Sporting Goods and then again to Support Manager, which was essentially a cart pusher with keys.

11. I was demoted from Support Manager back to Sporting Goods for giving out the district manager’s phone number when customers complained about excessively long lines at the checkout. They were right to be mad and it wasn’t my fault and I still hold to the fact that the guy’s phone number was hanging on the wall anyway so I didn’t do anything wrong, but my boss wasn’t happy. He didn’t take away my raise, though.

12. My first trip to Disney World was when I was 3 years old. I don’t remember it, but Mom had pictures (I assume she still does).

13. My last trip to Disney World was back in December. There’s nothing quite like Disney at Christmas.

14. My next trip to Disney World is in 35 days. I’m going for my birthday, which I’ve never done and I’m eating a steak dinner (24 oz. Porterhouse) at the Yachtsman Steak House, which I understand is quite fancy.

15. My friend Chad says my fascination with hotels and fancy restaurants is due to my desire to be rich and important. He’s right.

16. Speaking of my friend Chad, he’s my best friend and lives in Japan. He’s a professional wrestler and will be famous in the US in the next five years, I’m sure of it.

17. In the 5th grade, I was the only kid to not get in trouble during the infamous balloon launch on field day. Once those balloons were launched, the entire school took off after them as they blew away from the school into a field and up in the air. Teachers were screaming and kids were running like maniacs. Some of the kids went so far that they ran over to the local grocery store (Richwood Cardinal!) and the John Deere dealership (Parrott’s!). When they returned, I remember sitting by the door in Mrs. Hines’s classroom and hearing Mr. Inskeep scream so loud and he even cussed he was so mad. The next day, I was excused to the playground by Mrs. Hines by myself since I was the only kid to stay right next to her the whole time. Man, I was a goody-two-shoes.

18. I was Homecoming King my senior year of high school. I didn’t have any really close friends, though I did pal around with most of the girl’s basketball team and was a statistician for them. I was more like the guy in prison who gets you cigarettes; if you needed something I was the man to see, which I guess made me popular enough to win. I always questioned my win since I was close to the Miss Dunham, our librarian, who was also in charge of student council and she counted the votes, and since the daughter of the school secretary was the Queen that year, I figured there was some funny business, but Miss Dunham told me a few years later that I had won in a landslide.

19. Also in high school, I had proclaimed myself King of the School. I ordered a stamp off the internet with a picture of my face which I would liberally walk around and “crown” anyone who wanted it on their hand or in some cases, their foreheads. I said that I would have a key to the building before the end of my senior year as well as my own parking space. Well, I never got my key but the ladies in the school board office decorated one of their parking spaced with a picture of me and some balloons in my honor. The principal – thinking they were mocking me – ripped it down in anger, but he didn’t understand that it was done purely out of affection.

20. I’m on #20 and I realize just exactly how much I do enjoy talking about myself. Ha!

21. My friend Dr. Connie and I are tremendous travel buddies because of our ability to be independent yet also appreciate similar things. When it’s 95 and more humid than the rainforest at Disney World at 12 noon and I’m ready to start drowning crying children in the river, Connie is gracious enough to allow me to go back to my room while she runs from ride to ride in pure, unadulterated Disneymania. Yet, we also are able to compromise at times when there are certain attractions that she or I favor more than others and will tolerate them (Carousel of Progress comes to mind). She’s a good friend and my next trip to Disney World will seem just a little empty without her there. But I’m still going.

22. Everything I know about web design I’ve learned on my own. I had considerable help from my Eric Banister a few years ago and that jumpstart propelled me into a whole creative realm I never dreamed I’d be any good at.

23. I have been ordained by my church as a minster even though I don’t know nor can I ever see myself working in a church setting. Churches are mean to pastors and I can’t see myself tolerating it for longer than 30 seconds without losing it and knocking over some tables.

24. In college, I used to skip class or sometimes just get up and walk out all the time for a variety of reasons. In fact, I remember Dr. Weatherly reading the roll call on the first day of Intro to Gospels and saying, “Kirk Sheppard if he hasn’t already left yet.” I was quite depressed back then which was part of it, but I also get bored easily if my imagination isn’t captured quickly by whatever the subject material is. It’s a shame that I did such damage to my own reputation as a student because I think I’d be a great teacher based on my poor performance as a student.

25. I think Dog the Bounty Hunter is a tremendous example of a redemption story. I love redemption stor
ies, which is why my favorite movie of all time is Groundhog Day and why the story of Jesus Christ truly resonates with me given what a wretched sinner I am.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading yours!


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