Movie Reviews

I just watched “In the Valley of Elah” on DVD and I think Tommy Lee Jones is amazing. The movie was a good mystery story and has a message about the realities of war and the men who are too young and immature to deal with the atrocities war times create. While it was a little heavyhanded, I still liked it as a film.

Last week I went to see “The Wrestler” and I’m not sure I’ve seen a more realistic, moving portrayal than Mickey Rourke’s “Randy the Ram.” While watching the film, I was a little bothered by how close to home it hit to the realities of wrestling as a business and was a lot bothered by the violence depicted in the hardcore match . . . but again, it was quite accurate in its portrayal of the lengths some men will go to to feed their addiction to what I believe is the most addicting drug in the world – the “pop” from the crowd.


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