Day Two: Epcot & Downtown Disney


I woke up about 7 AM and decided to go to Epcot. Before I left the hotel, though, I had breakfast at the Au Bon Pain. Frank and Blancha who both were awesome last trip were both there and we reacquainted ourselves. They really do make this hotel extra special.

So off to Epcot. I parked in Amaze 32. I got there at a bad time; I should have either gotten there 15 minutes earlier or waited 15 more minutes. Instead, I had to wait a bit to enter the turnstiles and then wait again for a few minutes before the rope drop. I walked to Soarin’ and was in line for it for about 15 minutes until they called for a single rider. I was in the first group to ride that day as a result but had to sit in Row 3 and had people’s feet in my line of sight. The three teenage boys sitting next to me hadn’t ridden and seemed to enjoy themselves.

I then rode Listen to the Land since there was no wait and enjoyed it as always. I love boat rides in general. Then I walked over and rode Nemo & Friends. The CM who was boarding us had a bad attitude. She was yelling out “two or three in a vehicle!” When the guy in front of me took his own clammobile and so did I she nearly had a stroke. “Two or three to a vehicle!” she yelled. I ignored her but a) there’s no reason to expect total strangers to sit together and b) there was absolutely no shortage of clams to sit in.

Then I went and rode Spaceship Earth. I waited 15 minutes. While in line, I read more of my book. Oh! I found The Appeal; it was in the other compartment of my bag. I KNEW I put it in my bag on the plane.

I thought perhaps I could walk into Le Cellier and beg for a table for one, but they don’t open until 11:30 AM and Connie was due in around noon. It was now 11 and so I decided I would rather head back over towards the hotel and Downtown Disney where I was meeting Connie. I really wanted to eat at T-Rex and I waited in a long line to be seated only to be encouraged to self-seat at the bar. I did and had a great server who doted on me since there was no one else there.

I ate the Gigantasaurous burger which was way too big. The waffle fries were also delicious. I was stuffed so I thought I better walk part of my meal off. I went to the Virgin store and bought a copy of Twilight and also Chris Jericho’s A Lion’s Tale. Both were on sale.

I then headed back to my rental car. On the way there, a woman asked me if I worked there. I told her no but that I might be able to help her anyway. She was looking for the Boardwalk and had no idea how to get there. I gave her directions and she was very grateful.

I rested for about an hour before I called Connie again and told her to hurry up. She flew in separately from her brother and his family and was waiting at the airport for them. The problem was they’re flight was delayed in Cincinnati due to the need for de-icing. I went to Wal-Greens to buy a pair of toenail clippers and got behind a couple of very rude and demanding latin Americans. They were from New York and wanted to write a check; WHO WRITES CHECKS?!? Unless of course you are trying to scam someone, of course. I’m not implying they were up to something but I sure wouldn’t have taken that check. I finally headed over to the condo where I was meeting Connie. It is very nice and we might choose to stay there next time we are both coming down as the price is quite good and the location is perfect considering the cost.

We decided we didn’t have time to do anything other than go to Downtown Disney and wait for Nicole to arrive. We hit our usual spots including the Lego store, World of Disney, and Pin Traders. I bought some of the locking pinbacks since two of my pins had fallen off my lanyard earlier in the day. We also browsed Once Upon a Toy; Connie needed to buy some things for a coworker who gave her a shopping list so I went outside and read more of my book.

Finally we headed down to House of Blues for our reservation. Nicole hadn’t yet called to tell us she was on her way so we went without her. She did call as we were walking in and was about 40 minutes out. Connie had a Caesar Salad with Chicken and I got Buffalo Chicken Tenders with extra sauce. We were both quite pleased.

Nicole arrived and was eating at Wolfgang Puck’s. She had a Ceasar Salad pita pocket looking thing and said it was good. Connie was heading to Nicole’s brand new home near Tampa tonight so after a brief browse of the Lego store I took them to Nicole’s car so they could put Connie’s stuff in it and I could call it a night.

TOMORROW: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!


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