The time is here . . . I’m going to Indianapolis tonight after work in order to be close to the airport for my 7:10 AM flight to Orlando in the morning. I’ve already checked in at Southwest and I am positioned at A45 in the boarding order, which means I will maybe get a seat close to the front of the plane. Though I did hear a comedian once say that you should sit in the back… since no one ever saw a plane back into a mountain… that’s a pleasant thought…

Anyway, I also decided to extend the trip by an extra day so instead of coming back Monday afternoon I will fly back Tuesday morning and drive straight from the airport to the office, see several clients, do the live podcast at, and then go home and crash . . .before getting up the next day and putting my nose right back to the grindstone.

In other news, I resigned from the hospital. It was time to focus more on my practice and I will miss the work and most of the people there. But I’m relieved and will actually have more time to write and focus on taking care of me a little more.

Stay tuned to the blog as we will keep you updated each day!


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