Disney Trip December 2008 – Vacation Eve

I have arrived in Indianapolis, despite getting lost and having a hard time locating my hotel. I should not try to second guess MapQuest; I know many people complain about the directions they sometimes get there but I’ve never been steered wrong.

Anyway after almost checking in to the wrong Quality Inn next to a giant Go-Go bar and then driving around in a scary industrial district on the outskirts of Indy, I finally made it. Check in at the correct hotel took mere minutes and I’m now getting ready to crawl into bed so I can get up at 4:30 am to head over to the brand new Indianapolis airport.

My friend Russell is hopeful that something really gives me good reason to rant; I will keep my eyes open for any negative experiences but usually things go smoothly. Its Walt Disney World after all! I will say that the McDonald’s off of Post Road in Indy sucks… because they don’t have hot chocolate.

Anyway, stay tuned here and also to the voice blog at Snapvine.com for more details as the trip continues…


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