The East Indiana Methadone Clinic, um Treatment Center


I am so glad that someone is finally talking. Our county and local governments have been very outspoken but have been powerless to do much thanks to HIPAA and other regulations. The media is not afraid, though, and I’m grateful.

As someone who watched a private doctor distribute Methadone to a loved one incorrectly and recklessly and as someone who spends a good bit of time talking to people with addictions to drugs and alcohol, I am gravely concerned about this operation and can’t believe that their director would even have the guts to show his face on camera.

This is a case where I do hope that government makes changes and adds regulations to health care and treatment, for the public good. I’m surprised the TV crew neglected to mention the day care that is RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

Hooray! We got rid of the massage parlor/whorehouses in town, next up is the Methadone clinic. Anyone wonder how much these viceshops relate to having 3 casinos within 30 miles?


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