Please read this first: http://www.wlwt.com/news/17304053/detail.html.

Words cannot express the bewilderment I have about this whole situation. I have met Jodie Edwards numerous times and have been around her enough to know that this is not something she would normally do. But if I’m being honest, I also cannot comprehend how something like this happens. I’m grief stricken for her, her family, and for her friends and colleagues, who also are my friends.However, words CAN express my irritation and down right anger at this idiot’s claim that a woman ACCIDENTALLY leaving her child in a car is the same as another woman LOCKING HER KIDS IN A CLOSET.

The law is not about color, education, or social status. Its about intentions and motives. Dr. Edwards, who I know and respect, did not leave her baby in the car on purpose. Even if the black woman did so because she had no daycare, she still made a concious decision and that’s the problem.

Its a shame the NAACP does things like this; they could be doing so much good. Blind hate is bad for all.


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