American Idol Concert

While some of my friends were flirting with hospital employees and flashing them in CT rooms, Connie and I went to the American Idol Concert Tour at the US Bank Arena. I got there plenty early and actually went over to the Levee first to kill some time. I bought a $2 card at GameWorks and they gave 35 free credits, which was good because that satisified by pinball craving. I looked around at Barnes and Noble and had dinner at the Irish Pub.

At the table next to me there was a teenage girl who was talking on her phone the entire time as loudly as possible abotu how she went to the Idol’s busses and took pictures with everyone. She sounded like a stalker and her parents found her to be very cute as they looked through their digital camera and showed her the pictures while she told her friend – and everyone in Newport on the Levee – about her day.

She was so obnxious at one point I said under my breath, “I wish someone would punch you right in the face.” I didn’t realize how loud it was and her parents looked back at me but they didn’t acknowledge they heard it. I guess I would have had to punch them, too.

Anyway, I got to the arena at 5 and waited to be let in. It wasn’t long and the doors were opened. I found my seat, courtesy of the oldest living usher, and settled in. Connie finally arrived and we caught up on our new jobs and other things.

The show started with a pre-show announcer and a dancing Pop Tart. But this wasn’t just any Pop Tart – he was a strawberry/blueberry twist Pop Tart. And he danced. Did I mention that?

First out was Chikeze, who I couldn’t stand on the show. He wasn’t as annoying and sang well but he still bored me. Ramiele was next and she was the most stiff on stage. She had these choreographed dance routines that were bordering on ridiculous. Finally, the crowd really woke up when Michael Johns hit the stage. He performed like a pro and was engaging and great. He was followed by Kristy Lee Cook, who continued her reputation as the biggest pandering piece of garbage ever on the show. She begged and begged for us to scream and sang that God Bless the USA song that she used to buy her a few more weeks on the show. I will say that her voice never sounded better and she looked good but I still hate her.

Carly Smithson was next and she was wearing a dominatrix unitard, with her midsection covered by a skirt hiked up to her breasts, which were hanging out of her outfit. She looked ten times better than she ever did on the show and sang as good if not better. All the Idols kept remarking about how loud it was and perhaps that was just their standard banter, but it did seem that they all were a little taken aback by the reception. After Carly was Brooke White, who rose up from the stage with a piano and sang a great version of “Let it Be.” After Brooke, all six of the idols who’ve been out so far sang a group song with an Idol Gives Back video playing on the screens.

When we came back from intermission, Jason Castro was playing his ukelele on “Over the Rainbow.” He did two other songs, and he just seemed out of place with the rest of the big production. He seemed more like an acoustic opening act or something.

Syesha came out and she was wearing a dress designed to make her breasts look bigger than Carly’s. It was a bit ridiculous. Her set was nice and she has a good voice. Of course, as loud as it was, its hard to tell if they are on pitch all the time.

David Archeleta was next and he also came up from the floor at the piano – but he also had fog! He did four songs and looked much more comfortable on stage than he ever did on the show. Either the lack of competition has helped or just being on the road every night has polished him but he was more pleasant to watch perform than on the show where I was constantly concerned he would burst into tears at any moment and ask for his blankie.

Finally, David Cook was out and he was a true rock star professional up there. I left at the end of his 4th song to beat the traffic and because I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to see the end of the show. It was a good night.

I felt like this was as good if not better than two years ago when Connie and I went to Columbus to see the Top Ten the year of Taylor Hicks. I enjoyed myself and now am wondering what I have to look forward to with the releaseo of The Dark Knight and this concert, my upcoming entertainment must see list is emptying out… any suggestions?


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