Movie Review: Hancock

Big summer blockbusters aren’t supposed to be this surprising.  The trailers are supposed to reveal every plot point, give away all the best scenes, and sacrifice substance for style.  Hancock is not a typical big summer blockbuster.


I’ve always been a fan of Will Smith, dating back to his days as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  His comic timing, his ability to convey emotions with his face and his body language, and his ability to humanize characters that were one-dimensional on paper have all made him one of our best actors.  This is his movie, make no mistake.  But he has tremendous support from Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron.  Bateman has finally made it; his days on the Hogan Family are far behind him and who would have thought he would be the one to overshadow his sister’s career?  He plays these everyman characters with breeziness and charm.  I think the last thing I watched Charlize Theron in was The Devil’s Advocate (I know, she’s done great work since then, I’m an idiot) and I hated her in that movie.  She is fabulous here and is part of a twist in the story that has not been revealed in the trailers, making it that much better.  Perhaps the most overlooked role in the film was that of Aaron, the little boy.  His impact on Hancock’s humanization is pivotal.


I knew this would be a fun movie and I looked forward to it ever since I watched the trailer during American Idol.  I expected it to be thrilling, funny, and smart; I didn’t expect it to be equally as moving, creative, and sweet.  Go see it!


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