Day Eleven: Flying Home

Day Eleven: Flying Home

We met at 7:15. Both of us checked out of the hotel and had no issues having the safe charge removed from our accounts since we didn’t use it. I highly recommend this hotel for anyone not wanting to stay on Disney property. The cost was great, at least through Expedia, and for a long trip like this, I would definitely stay again. I did miss the Disney bus service at times but for what we paid for the Orlando Vista Hotel, it was well worth it.

We got to the airport, returned our rental car – which by the way, the $7 dollar a day upgrade to the Dodge Charger turned into $142 with tax? – and then found our way to the very busy AirTran check-in counter. It was crazy! We checked in with no issues, though we were separated because there were no seats together. The clerk put me in the exit row, which was kind of her. I sat next to a woman who was flying to her fiancee’s home to meet his parents for the first time and she was nervous. She also asked what I did for a living, which for someone in my line of work is the curse of death, and I ended up talking to her for a long time about her children, her upcoming marriage, and how she should handle being a stepmom. Finally, once we were in the air, she took a nap so I could finish my book.

I read James Pattersons’ Cat and Mouse this trip and I have found a new author to go in my favorites. I love John Grisham and usually read one of his books on vacation but now I can add James Patterson to my list.

We got back to the airport and waited forever for our bags. We packed into the parking lot tram, which was overly full with people going to their cars. We got out of the lot with an $88 parking charge, which just seems ridiculous, and then we got stuck in a traffic jam that lasted about an hour.

Once we got past that and got some lunch at Wendy’s it was smooth sailing all the way home. What a great trip! I was basically away from home for 12 days and by Day 8 or 9, I was ready to return home. I hope to return for one of the Halloween parties, but we’ll see!


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