Day Ten: Disney Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend 2

Day Ten: Disney Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend 2

We got there about 8:15 and waited through the Stormtrooper show again. Connie took my ticket with her to get our FastPasses to Toy Story Mania. I sat and read a book. It took her awhile, so I also grabbed a cinnamon roll from Starring Rolls Café. She came back and announced she’d already been to Wicket’s Warehouse and got the pins she needed for this week.

We walked to Tower of Terror, which had a 10 minute wait time posted, but it felt more like 20. They weren’t filling the libraries very full and when we walked into the boiler room, I saw why. They were loading very slowly for some reason, and it looked like the right side wasn’t even running when we first entered.

After this we used our Toy Story Mania fast passes. Connie beat me again, because now she cheats. She doesn’t aim she just pulls the trigger, which doesn’t seem fair at all! I went to watch the Voyage of the Little Mermaid and I was so tired I nearly fell asleep. Connie went to line up for the Star Wars Motorcade and I called her to tell her I was heading back to the room.

I grabbed Subway by the hotel and went to bed. Connie had a great time, meanwhile, and even got Peter Mayhew and Warwick Davis’s autographs by being in the right place at the right time. Nicole had come back up from work and they were trying to find the Beaker muppet pin in the mystery packs . . . and it only took one try! Connie also watched Stars of the Saga and said they were more organized about where they had them wait this trip, out of the sun over closer to Muppetvision.

I came back over at about 6. I grabbed a burger at the Backlot Express and watched for Connie and Nicole as I knew they would be heading over for the Hyperspace Hoopla. I saw them and walked up to surprise them. Then I went back over and read and watched the Hoopla from a chair next to the restaurant. It is quite funny, even after 3 viewings this year.

They were hungry so we went to the ABC commissary, where Nicole got the Chicken Curry and Connie had a Cuban sandwich. We walked to Fantasmic and I got a pretzel with cheese. It was only 8:10 and the show didn’t start until 9. We were seated a bit to the left of the center, in between two of the water screens. I didn’t like this view much, but I did notice the canoes docking and the performers entering the stage for the first time. Fantasmic remains my favorite night time show.

We walked through the shops and we all three bought a shadowbox. They were only $30 and of good quality and it will be a great way to display my pins. We walked over to the Sorcerer’s Hat for some last minute photos and then headed back to the car. We stopped to get gas so that we wouldn’t have any problems with the rental car drop off in the morning. When we got back to the hotel my key wasn’t working in my door of my room.

I went downstairs and the desk clerk was the least friendly of any one I’d encountered at the hotel thus far. But he wasn’t unpleasant, just wasn’t overly friendly. He issued me a new key and I went to bed.

TOMORROW: Flying home


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