Day Nine: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and the Magic Kingdom

Day Nine: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and Magic Kingdom

We met at 7:45 again in order to be at the front of the line at the turnstiles and it worked. We parked in Jaws 212 AGAIN – we’ve been to Universal four times in two years and always park in Jaws 212. At least they’re consistent.

We headed to the gates and waited for opening, which happened about 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. We rushed to Spiderman and walked right through the queue, getting lost only once, and made it on to our ride vehicle. This is an amazing experience but I was feeling a bit dizzy after the first trip. We rode it again, of course, because there was no wait and it was still mind boggling how they managed to time all the effects perfectly.

We then proceeded through Toon Lagoon bypassing all the attractions here (because we didn’t want to get drowned again on Dudley Dooright’s Ripsaw Falls) and headed straight for Jurassic Park. Last year we didn’t get that wet and I suggested the middle row and the middle two seats since there was no line here, either.

We got absolutely drenched.

I think it may be because there was a family in the front of the boat and no one in the back so all the wait was up front. It was still fun and it was hot out so it didn’t matter.

We then walked over to Poseidon’s Fury and got the same “Taylor” we had last year. This is a creative attraction and I enjoy it, though I did like it better last year when it was all new.

We then walked right by the Dr. Seuss Trolley in the Sky and it had a posted wait time of 5 minutes. We looked at each other and remembered last year’s disastrous wait in line for 45 minutes for the 2 minute trip around the track and thought we should allow Dr. Seuss to redeem himself. We waited less than 5 minutes and while the visuals are great the soundtrack has to go.

After this we rode Cat in the Hat, which again had a 5 minute wait time posted. This is a pretty wild little ride! It whips you around and spins you fast; we both liked it, though.

Now, we had a dilemma. We had lunch reservations for Mythos, voted as Theme Park Insider’s #1 theme park restaurant for 5 years now, but it was only 10:00 AM. Yes, that’s right; we did Spiderman twice, Jurassic Park, Poseidon’s Fury, The Trolley Train, and Cat in the Hat in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

We really didn’t have a preference, but figured we should walk around and see if we could make it to the opening time of Mythos, which was 11:30. There are not a lot of shops that have much to look at in this part of the park so we ended up doing Poseidon’s Fury again because it was close to the restaurant.

We walked into Mythos, which was now open, and were seated within 5 minutes. Our server, Robert, was amazing. He was so slick and smooth that our drinks were never empty and we had everything we needed without having to ask. Connie got a Pasta Penne with marinara and chicken. I got a burger. Shocker, I know. It wasn’t all that great, really, but I did also get the Chocolate Gooey Cake with peanut butter ice cream, carmel sauce, and bananas. It was heavenly.

We decided to call it a wrap at Islands of Adventure and Connie had me drop her off at the Studios. I went back to the room to take a nap.

We met up again at the Magic Kingdom at about 7 PM and immediately headed to Casey’s. I love their hot dogs and Connie always gets the corndog bites. We then walked to Philharmagic, and it was sprinkling heavily. I love this show, but this theater is in need of some refurbishment. The carpet was duct taped to the floor in my row and the glasses are starting to show some of the same dents that Honey I Shrunk the Audience has. Bad show.

We then walked to the Haunted Mansion, which had a 20 minute wait time posted. It was more like 10. Then we walked over to get Dole Whip Floats. After this, we walked to Tomorrowland and rode the TTA. I made Connie do Carousel of Progress and it was nearly empty. I still love it, though.

Then we had an exciting ride on Buzz Lightyear. Connie beat me significantly, which means she got lucky and hit something big accidentally. More importantly, though, just as we were approaching the exit, the ride stopped. Two cars in front of us, the car was stuck facing the wrong direction. We got to watch ride technicians come out, force it into place, and then they had to reboot the computer, which took several minutes. It was cool to see the guardrails rise up when they initially turned off the ride system’s power.

It was now time for the fireworks so we fought through the masses surrounding the castle and found our way to a spot immediately in front of the castle. This actually is not our favorite place to watch – you really should be just a little to the left of the castle to see everything correctly. I got some decent firework pictures this trip.

We then did a late night Jungle Cruise with our skipper, Rick, who sped through the spiel so fast you couldn’t understand him. He wasn’t funny and really made little attempt to be. We didn’t want to get caught by the second Spectromagic performance so we raced through the shops on Main Street to get to the exit. We took the ferryboat back to the car and called it a night.

Tomorrow: Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend!


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