Day Six: Four Park Challenge!

Day Six: THE FOUR PARK CHALLENGE: Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, & Magic Kingdom!

This day will be chronicled just a tad different than the rest to demonstrate our strategic and well paced journey through all four major theme parks. It was tiring and even Connie said so, which really means it must have been a lot of walking. I forgot my pedometer at home this trip.

So, before we begin with the report of the day, I suppose some history would be helpful. On, one of the regular writers issued a challenge to visit all four major theme parks in one day’s time. Connie and I both thought it sounded like fun so we decided to do it; we also decided that we needed to take our picture in the park in front of the park’s icon and we would also buy a pin to represent that park for a special display that we’ll each create later. We had fun and I’m looking forward to getting home and creating my special project incorporating the maps, the pins, and the photographs to decorate my new office with.

Now, on with the report:

8:00 – We left the Orlando Vista hotel and drove to the Animal Kingdom.

8:20 – Arrived at AK and were given a Magical Moment Dream Parking certificate that allowed us to park in the front of the lot right next to the AAA Diamond parking lot.

8:45 – The turnstiles opened and we proceeded to position ourselves on the far left side as close to the rope as possible.

9:08 – We were seated on Kilimanjaro Safaris with our driver Roy.

9:31 – We left KS and headed towards Dinosaur.

9:42 – Entered queue for Dinosaur.

9:53 – Exited Dinosaur’s gift shop after riding.

10:03 – Entered queue for “Its Tough to Be a Bug.”

10:07 – Seated in the theater for ITBAB.

10:18 – Exited ITBAB and headed to the Tree of Life to get our picture taken. We also bought our pin for this park and headed for the park exit.

10:31 – Left AK and headed for DHS.

10:47 – Parked at DHS and on the tram heading for the front gate.

10:54 – Entered DHS turnstiles.

11:01 – Grabbed Fast Passes for RnRC for 13:10 just in case.

11:05 – In the queue for Tower of Terror, with wait time posted at 50 minutes.

11:20 – In ToT library watching the preshow.

11:30 – In ride vehicle for ToT.

11:35 – Exited ToT.

11:38 – Entered Single Rider line for RnRC.

12:11 – In ride vehicle for RnRC.

12:17 – Exited RnRC and heading for Great Movie Ride.

12:22 – In queue for GMR.

12:52 – Exiting GMR, and bought our pins underneath the big hat. While we were walking out we almost got caught by the High School Musical processional down the street. Also, we heard a family paged to go to Guest Relations ASAP, which sounded ominous. I’ve never heard Disney page someone like that before so I hope it was no super bad news.

13:02 – On parking lot tram headed for the car.

13:17 – Arrived at Epcot Parking lot and parked.

13:26 – Through Epcot Turnstiles.

13:28 – In line at Electric Umbrella for first in park meal of the day. This took forever as the printer in the line I was waiting in didn’t print the orders in the kitchen so they didn’t know what to make. Plus, the park was jammed packed and Connie had to guard a table while I got the food so we’d have a place to eat. AND the birds were hovering

14:08 – In line for the Grand Fiesta Tour in Mexico.

14:11 – In the boat for Grand Fiesta Tour.

14:21 – Exited Grand Fiesta Tour.

14:30 – Entered single rider queue for Test Track despite weather warnings by the cast members.

14:41 – Exited Test Track just before an overhead announcement of mechanical breakdown and no further boarding.

14:49 – Entered queue for Spaceship Earth. Wait time posted as 20 minutes.

15:06 – In Spaceship Earth ride vehicle.

15:23 – Exited Spaceship Earth. Our video screen did not work on the descent, which was very disappointing to us and the people in the back of the car, whose screen also didn’t work. The cars in front/behind us seemed to be working properly. We then bought our pins at the pin station behind the tip board.

15:28 – Connie ran to the car to put our pins and maps away safely and to grab her rain gear just in case. Kirk sat on a bench and waited.

15:50 – On monorail, heading for Magic Kingdom.

15:58 – Pulling in to TTC.

16:02 – On Magic Kingdom Express Monorail.

16:10 – Entering Magic Kingdom.

16:29 – Connie caught Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial and I grabbed Fast Passes to the Jungle Cruise. I also watched the Tiki Birds while I waited for Connie.

16:43 – In queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Wait time posted at 50 minutes.

17:12 – In ride vehicle at BTMR. Johnny, the ride attendant, had his head so far up his own rear end he could smell his own breath. He was sending people down into the loading area without counting them ahead of time and causing all sorts of problems as people were switching lanes (since they weren’t assigned, why wouldn’t they?). His coworker started to yell at the guests and I told him it was Johnny’s fault. This was the bumpiest ride ever and Connie swore she’d have bruises after it was over.

17:17 – Exited BTMR.

17:22 – Entered Pirates of the Caribbean store to kill some time before Jungle Cruise Fast Passes took effect.

17:35 – Entered Jungle Cruise Fast Pass line.

17:45 – On boat for Jungle Cruise with skipper, Kara, who was fine. Also on the boat was a party of 13 who were not digging the jokes. They did react, however, to the giant python and Connie and I thought the oversized woman’s overreacting might tip the boat over at one point.

17:57 – Exited Jungle Cruise and headed for Liberty Square.

18:03 – In line at Columbia Harbor House for dinner. No waiting. We ate upstairs and watched the Haunted Mansion queue line. I am always puzzled by the amount of questions that are asked of the front line attendants. I mean, really, what do you need to know about the Mansion that isn’t already posted in a guide map or that you wouldn’t have heard about from your careful research of your Disney vacation? We watched the standby line’s wait time go from 30 minutes to 40 minutes to 30 to 40 and then to 20.

18:33 – In Haunted Mansion queue. Wait time posted at 20 minutes.

18:51 – Out of stretch room and waiting to Board Doom Buggy.

19:03 – Exited Haunted Mansion.

So there you have it, we were able to complete the Four Parks in a Day Challenge in 10 hours. It was hard work, a lot of walking, and the crowds were thick in all four parks. We were so exhausted but needed to buy our final pin – so we went to the jeweler on Main Street. We bought our pins and noticed the Annual Passholder exclusive lanyard on sale!! So, we both got one and I also got my 2008 Passholder pin before heading to the monorail station.

We accidentally boarded the resort monorail, but that was fine. We then headed up the ramp to the Epcot station and were greeted by a little Hobbit named Brandon who was wearing the largest winter coat I’ve ever seen. He might have been delirious from fever or something because he was weird. He did let Connie and I sit in the front of the monorail with the pilot, George, however. George said no words the whole trip; not even “Your welcome” when we said thanks. He was very busy, I guess, pushing that one lever up and down a few times on the trip.

We got to our car at Epcot and Connie – who is certifiably nuts – asked me to drop her off at Downtown Disney. She planned to take a taxi home and I went back to the room and collapsed.



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