Day Three: Star Wars Weekend

Day Three:  Disney Hollywood Studios and Star Wars Weekend


Connie and I met at 8:15 and headed to DHS.  We parked in Stage 43, got through the turnstiles rater quickly, and walked all the way up to the Brown Derby where the crowd was being held.  People were sprinting to Toy Story Mania and we grabbed FastPasses for 9:50AM – 10:50AM.  We then braved the long standby line, which was posted at 60 minutes.  We got on in about 40 minutes and really liked the ride.  Connie beat me by 200 points so of course we had to do it again.


But first, we were hungry so we went to Starring Rolls Café and I got a few things.  Connie had the cheese Danish.  After this we went back and rode with our fastpasses and this time I beat Connie by several thousand.  We were both very happy that we scored over 100,000.  Next time I’m sure we’ll do even better.


We walked over to ToT, which had a posted standby wait of 60 minutes.  FastPasses were right around the time of the Star Wars Parade so we decided to do RnRC Single Riders line instead.  Connie was gracious and let me go when the CM gave us an odd numbered row.  I just don’t think I could get in the car again on an even numbered row; my knees can’t fit at all.


We then walked over to where the Star Wars stuff was so that Connie could scope out where the talk show would be held this year.  I sat down on a bench by the GMR while Connie shopped for some pins.  At this point, I nearly fell asleep.  It was so hot and crowded and I was just done in.  We agreed that I should go back to the room – the 3rd day is ALWAYS when I crash – and so I did.


I literally slept from 12:30 when I arrived back at the hotel until 4:00 PM when Nicole called and said that she and Jeff were on the road and would head back to the park with me for the Star Wars Hoopla show. 


We headed back to the Studios once Nicole and Jeff arrived and met Connie at the front gate.  She said she was exhausted and gave us a short rundown of her day after I left.  She watched the parade and went back to check out Wicket’s Warehouse, which had a 4 hour wait. So, she planted herself outside the que for the Premier Theater in order to see the talk show.  Because of the new location, she had to wait out in the sun for an hour, which really took its toll.  She reported that the talk show was good.  Then she also watched the trailer for the new Clone Wars movie, which got her excited. She did end up going into Wicket’s Warehouse and buying what she wanted with little wait.


We all headed over to the stage by Star Tours and finished watching the Padawan Mind Challenge.  I split off to grab a snack since I never even ate lunch and ran right into an old friend of mine, former WWE developmental wrestler Chet “The Jet” Jablonski.  I grabbed a bit to eat and watched the Jedi Training Academy through the windows at the restaurant there next to it.  I finished up and headed back to the stage to catch Star Wars Hoopla, which was largely the same as last year but had enough new things to keep me entertained.


We were all tired – yes, even me with my 4 hour nap – so we decided to get a bite to eat outside the world and call it a night.  We ate at Chilli’s on Apopka-Vineland and retired for the evening. 


Tomorrow:  More Star Wars Weekend!


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