Disney Trip Negative Day One

Who’s Going: I’m Kirk, a 32-year-old going on 11-year-old Disney fanatic. Also on this trip is my usual partner in crime, Dr. Connie, who is older than me and that’s all I’m saying. For portions of the trip we’re meeting up with Dr. Nicole and Dr. Jeff, (both around my age) a husband and wife combo who live and work in the Tampa area. Connie and I are traveling from Southwestern Ohio (think Cincinnati suburbs) via Indianapolis on AirTran. I’m the only non-psychologist on this trip (I’m just a regular Master’s level clinical counselor, no PhD for me – though I do have TWO Masters degrees! So I’m just as good as them! Really! So why do they make 50% more again??? Anyway, I digress . . . )

Our mission: Tackle TWO Star Wars Weekends and the final Pirate’s & Princess’s Party. There are other adventures planned in the itinerary and we’ve got ten days to do it all, so I think we’ll be just fine.

This is what we’re calling Negative Day One as we have decided the two hour trip to the Indy airport is better done at 7PM than 3AM. So, I’m currently in the Motel6 getting ready to get some rest so we can get up at 5 AM and catch our 7:05am flight to Orlando. The hotel is clean enough, but check-in was a bit dicey. We met a crippled truck driver and a homeless tornado victim while we were checking in. I felt sorry for them both, but meeting them also reminded me that we’re not at the Grand Floridian. So, as long as there are no shootings, no crack deals gone bad, or undercover hooker busts tonight, we’ll continue our journey as scheduled in the morning.

We’ve got tickets for the P&PP tomorrow night and Nicole is coming up to meet us at the Magic Kingdom. We’ll also hit Downtown Disney prior to the event and I hope to catch a much deserved and needed nap sometime in the afternoon. Stay tuned!



DAY ONE: Arrival, Downtown Disney, & Mickey’s Princess & Pirate Party

This has been the most eventful trip thus far. Connie and I have traveled together to Disney World 5 times now and we have had fairly smooth sailing up to this point. Today started out pretty rough and we were both concerned that things would not bode well as the day went on.

Our flight was delayed due to the weather for about an hour and 45 minutes. Luckily, our pilot booked it and we only arrived in Orlando about an hour after originally planned. When we got off the plane, I realized that my wallet wasn’t in my pocket where I knew I’d left it. In a panic, I threw everything out of my backpack and searched until I heard my name announced over the loud speaker. Thankfully someone had found it right away and everything was intact. We proceeded to baggage claim without further incident and got our rental car – a red Dodge Charger – from the Dollar counter.

We drove to the hotel and found out via voicemail that Nicole would be joining us earlier than she thought for the Princess and Pirates Party. As we neared Downtown Disney, we became more excited especially when we saw the pinapples on our hotel’s exterior. We parked and went inside to the Orlando Vista hotel, where the desk clerk couldn’t have been more friendly. He was quick and efficient and helpful and both Connie and I got our room keys and proceeded to our rooms.

Connie opened her door first and I heard her say, “Wow!” I said, “Is that a good wow or a bad wow?” She said, “It’s huge!” And she’s right – the rooms are as big as Port Orleans if not bigger. Things were very clean and while the hotel is a little old, for what we paid for it we are very satisfied.

We were hungry so we drove to Downtown Disney and ate lunch at Earl of Sandwich. Connie got a Chicken Ceasar Salad and I got the All-American, which is Roasted Turkey. I got it without the cranberries, ranch, and tomato. The lettuce and cheddar cheese complimented it well, and I felt like the sandwich had more meat on it than I remembered. I was quite pleased. We then went over to get our tickets from Guest Relations. Connie had renewed her annual pass and had some difficulty with the cast member who didn’t want to have to look for her confirmation number. Connie had left her expired pass at home and the CM started telling her that she couldn’t help her. I think she must have realized what she was saying because she immediately changed her story and found both the annual pass renewal and the P&PP tickets in the computer system. I got my 10-Day Park Hopper (I might upgrade to an AP at the end of the trip, but I just quit my job and am opening my own business so I’m not sure if/when I’ll be able to get back and if I want to spend the extra $200 right now).

I browsed World of Disney while Connie went to the Lego Store. She was looking for Star Wars merchandise before it gets picked through this weekend. We then went to Pin Central and Connie bought 5 pins. She is very addicted. I bought a new clear plastic cardholder for my tickets. Then we went into Once Upon a Toy and Connie found more Star Wars items to buy. We finally decided it was time to head over to Wal-Greens to get some Coke and other snack items. While we were there the two customers in front of us had the cashier do a price check on a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper. It was $1.50 and they said they didn’t want it. They’re nuts; that’s a good price. Unfortunately, the cashier didn’t void it and that caused some commotion. The reason I mention this is because last year the exact same clerk charged me twice for some Ibuprofen. So . . . she needs to befriend the VOID key a little more often.

In line behind us was a CM who’s shirt said, “Pirate’s and Princesses Event Operations Team.” I asked if tonight’s event was sold out and he said, “Oh no,” which gave me hope that it wouldn’t be crowded. Connie and I returned to the hotel and took short naps before meeting back up again at 4 to head to the Magic Kingdom.

more to come . . .



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