Day One continues…

We headed out and missed our turn so we had to backtrack a little. We eventually made it to the Magic Kingdom and parked in Goofy Row 60. The tram was waiting for us so we booked it and made it just in time. We breezed through security and the special event entrance and waited for a few minutes for Nicole to arrive.

We immediately proceeded to the bathroom. I think I’ve got a decent handle on anatomy but I will never stop being fascinated by the pea-sized bladders that women seem to have.

Our first stop was – of course – Pirates of the Caribbean. Connie was decked out in full pirate regalia and I was wearing my “Music Pirate” t-shirt and brand new skull and crossbones skullcap I got at Wal-Mart for $2. Nicole was not in costume, per se, but her outfit fit in with our motif. There was no wait for Pirates and we were seated in the front of the boat.

After Pirates, we stopped at Pecos Bill’s for dinner. I had a double cheeseburger, fries, and a large Coke and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was hot melted liquid cheese available (again? Still?) I thought this had been removed and there was quite a controversy about it on WDWMagic, but perhaps I’m incorrect. Connie also had a burger and Nicole had a veggie burger with apple slices.

We then walked on Haunted Mansion with no wait, followed by It’s a Small World, which was something Nicole wanted to do so we obliged. It was just now 7:00 and Peter Pan was a walk on for the first time that I can remember and we also walked on Winnie the Pooh. By this time, we were wondering about the Captain Jack Meet and Greet and were told it was in the Adventureland Veranda. The sign said it was a 60 minute wait and we ended up waiting about 50 minutes. Jack was pleasant and we were the last group before the parade. We had our pictures taken by the Photopass photographer and also with Connie’s camera by the CM attendant, who was very helpful.

We watched the parade from Fronteirland/Liberty Square (kind of there on the border). It was nice but I definitely prefer the Halloween parade more. Nothing really stood out as spectacular about this parade but I do find the pirate ship to be an impressive float.

After the parade, Connie bought the AP pin for the event and then we grabbed DoleWhip floats. Nicole had tried one last year but they were out of pineapple soft serve so she had vanilla ice cream with pineapple juice and it just wasn’t the same. She seemed to like the real float. At this time, I suggested heading to get a good spot for the fireworks. The segment where Captain Hook and the Pirates are bombing the castle was simply amazing. We were a little surprised that Tinkerbell flew given how breezy it was but it was nice to see her, as well.

After the fireworks, we walked to Tomorrowland and walked right onto Buzz Lightyear and were surprised that the gift shop was closed and we were dumped out in a different spot. This was convenient, though, because our next stop was the TTA. We walked onto this, of course, and then decided it was getting late enough that we should ride Pirates one last time (since its going down for refurb tomorrow) and then head home. We walked on to Pirates again, this time narrowly avoiding the crowd that had gathered to watch the Captain Jack Tutorial, and then headed up to City Hall to inquire about how Photopass and the 40% discount worked. We caught the monorail back to the TTC and then the parking tram wouldn’t start. Luckily, they just transferred us to a different tram and we made it to the parking lot safely. We got back to the resort about midnight and agreed to meet tomorrow at Au Bon Pain in the lobby of our hotel for breakfast at 9 AM.

TOMORROW: Mouse Surplus and Animal Kingdom


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