Motel 6 Hell

Hey everyone! Welcome to Negative Day One of the June Disney trip. Connie and I have checked into the Motel 6 in Indianapolis off Emerson Avenue . . . and it is kinda scary! But it’s an adventure. This reminds both of us of when we were younger and would go on vacation adventures with our families and stay in cheap motels and such. My room is clean but it does smell like wet dog; the penalty for staying in a pet-friendly motel, I guess. Connie said her room smelled like a bar and the woman at the front desk was overheard telling a guest that it was perfectly acceptable to smoke in her non-smoking room, which really gets Connie going – and her room’s aroma is why. Oh well, we’re only here for a few hours and as long as we don’t get murdered, walk into a crack deal, or get propositioned by a hooker tonight, we’ll make it out of here alive on to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning! Stay tuned to the blog for more details as they happen . . .


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