Disney World, Here I Come

I couldn’t begin to tell you how excited I am about my trip to Disney World coming up in a few days. I have been itching to get back all year and its finally going to happen just in time for Star Wars Weekends. I’ve been at Disney this time of year for the last 4 years and enjoy myself so much on these trips. Connie is such a terrific friend to travel with and is so patient with my quirks and low tolerance for crowds, heat, and walking…. But I’m gearing up to go at it hard this trip… or at least will try. We also get to hang out with our friends Nicole and Jeff and that is always a good time…

One thing that we’re doing differently this trip is we’re going to take the 4 Park Challenge that they’ve been talking about on AllEarsNet.com and I’ve been avoiding reading about it until Connie and I formulate our plan on Friday after we see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull… More details to come!!

I saw Prince Caspian last Friday and it was very good. I marvel at the longevity of those Narnia stories and am amazed its taken this long to make feature films based on such classic literature. Perhaps the special effects weren’t there. I remember watching a live action PBS version when I was younger…

Other upcoming movies on the schedule are: Hancock, Get Smart, The Hulk, The Dark Knight, and Tropic Thunder… and I do want to go see Harold and Kumar’s newest effort soon…

Check back soon for more news!


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