MOVIE REVIEW: The Spiderwick Chronicles

My friend Connie called me Friday morning and suggested another movie this week; I was so busy with things but I needed a break so I told her I’d meet her there. We settled on The Spiderwick Chronicles, which I had thought about seeing but hadn’t made an effort yet.

I really need to get to the movies more often.

What an entertaining movie this turned out to be! I understand that the movie is based on a series of books and I imagine the fanciful world created in the books rivals that of Narnia and Hogwarts in its creativity.

As with all family movies there is a moral or theme that is underlying throughout the picture. Reminiscent of Finding Nemo and Secondhand Lions, Spiderwick Chronicles is about fathers.

I was moved to tears at points in the story where Jared Grace wrestles with the notion that his father has left them for another family; Freddie Highmore’s subtly in expressing denial into feelings of betrayal were great. He plays two characters in this film and was brilliant in doing so. The entire cast was solid and the acting was never obtrusive as it sometimes can be in this type of fantasy.

Spiderwick Chronicles reminded me that I need to get to the theater more often. I wonder what’s playing this weekend?


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