American Idol 4/1 & 4/2

I wasn’t as underwhelmed as Simon this week but I wasn’t overly impressed either.

Brooke – I like her and thought this was good. She needs to stick to this kind of thing no matter what they tell her because long term career wise, she is a acoustic folk artist.

David Cook – It was consistently good but he’s done better. He’s still my favorite of this season at this point.

Ramiele – Was the weakest performance on the show and she did deserve to leave. Someone has to, might as well be her.

David Archeleta – Again, he makes me nervous ever since Top 12 night when he lost his words. He looks like so frightened and awkward on the big stage . . . please let him go home so he can go to prom.

Carly – Loved this. She is so talented.

Jason Castro – I thought it was fine. This is what he’s going to do. Let him do it, he’s good at it. I’d like to see him and Brooke do a project together.

Kristy Lee – Fast Fowarded.

Syesha – Alright, but not as good as Whitney. Should have taken on Dolly’s version and it would have been less forboding.

Michael Johns – Better than he’s done before but there’s still something about him I don’t like . . . might be the way he wears his Australian. I’ve never really liked Aussies. There was a guy in college who was in my circle of friends and I always found they way he carried himself to be grating.

Anyway, next week is Idol Gives Back and given the tears we’ve seen so far by these contestants, I expect that flood warnings in LA…..


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