Idol Thoughts – 3/25/08

Ramiele: Trying so hard to follow the advice of the judges, but their advice is so schizophrenic. “Use your big voice,” says Randy and Paula. She uses it on a song that requires it and they said it was the wrong song. So, she should use it on something like “Ice, Ice, Baby” I guess. Poor girl.

Jason Castro: He is a busker and that’s all he really knows how to be. He does it well, so let him do it. He’s not going to belt it out, Randy, so let it go, OK?

Syesha Mercado: Better. Still think she’s just average at this singing thing and should focus on a movie career. The camera loves her.

Chikeze: Boring, move on. And PLEASE! stop getting an attitude with the judges when they say something you don’t like. Show some class.

Brooke White: This has been an interesting season for goofups, eh? She is so affable and if she would stop looking at the piano keyboard when she sings she wouldn’t make me so anxious.

Michael Johns: You can’t do Queen every week so I don’t expect him to stay on a hot streak.

Carly Smithson: I liked it good enough. This is her kind of music; Randy’s an idiot if he wants her doing something besides the “rock vibe.”

David Archeleta: Please let the boy stop. He’s a nice kid with an OK voice and a modicum of talent, but for me he’s becoming the new John Stephens (red haired kid from a few seasons ago). He looks more fragile every week; cut him loose and then call CPS on his dad.

Kristy Lee Cook: PLEASE STOP HER! What a pandering piece of garbage . . . brilliant strategy really, but I still hate her.

David Cook: WOW. This guy has got a huge stage presence and he’s my favorite to win now. Simply amazing.


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