This photo was sent as an attachment along with this email: Can Hollywood and Television go ANY lower? After reading the acceptance speech by one actress, Kathy Griffin, below, it appears to me that this is the absolute lowest. If anyone ever was confused as to what the ‘unpardonable sin’ is, this ought to clear that up in anyones mind.”

Hate speech is a bit much don’t you think? Inappropriate? Sure. Unfunny? Kathy Griffin’s entire career has been unfunny. Is she blasphemous? Perhaps. But why should I be upset about a comedienne making an inappropriate unfunny blasphemous joke? I’m more offended by her Ronald McDonald big hair and makeup than the content of her routine. I’m more offended by the ridiculous amount of chain emails and forwards I get about things like this than I am Kathy Griffin.

What exactly does Kathy Griffin have to do with television and Hollywood other than she works there? That’s like me telling you that the unpleasant cashier at the pharmacy yesterday is indicative that all of Kroger has completely lost its personality.

And do you think Kathy Griffin knows anything about the “unpardonable sin?” I think she knows minimally less than the person who sent me this email. I doubt they’ve ever truly studied this concept short of whatever they were forcefed in Sunday school.

How many chain forwards have you sent out about world hunger? The AIDS epidemic taking the lives of innocent children? Homelessness? I think Jesus can take care of himself, though it would be nice to introduce people to him in a little bit less angry and defensive way.


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