American Idol Thoughts – TOP 11

Amanda Overmeyer – I liked it OK. I really like how she rebuffed the judges. The judges say “do what you do” and then when you do it they tell you you’re too predictable. They’re stupid. She was absolutely right in what she said and good for her for smiling and showing her natural confidence.

Kristy Lee Cook – I fast forwarded and will continue to do so until she is voted off my television.

David Archeleta – stick with this stuff, kid, and you’ll be there at the end.

Brooke White – Terrible, terrible, terrible. She is so much better doing acoustic earthy songs. Please go back to that.

David Cook – He was solid. I really have grown to like him.

Michael Johns – I don’t have any idea what the judges are talking about; I thought this was very good. In fact, apart from Bohemian Rhapsody this was his best performance so far. Must have sounded worse live.

Carly Smithson – It was nice to see diversity from her. She is also very solid.

Syesha Mercado – She did pretty good with a very difficult song. I think she got a reprieve this week, but I don’t look for her to last much longer.

Jason Castro – I like him, but he looked more awkward than usual.

Chikeze – Certainly not as good as last week and I doubt he’ll ever be.

Ramiele – It was OK, flashes of vocal brilliance, but still boring.

Overall, Simon nailed it when he said they shouldn’t have done a second Beatles week because there’s no way you could top last week. Too much of a good thing usually results in a not so good thing and that’s what we got tonight. I think that we could lose just about anyone but I’m hoping its Kristy. I hope Brooke didn’t hurt herself by interrupting the judges too much but I’m nervous.


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