American Idol Thoughts

I thought that tonight was a stellar performance show and for the first time ever I agree when they pimp this top 12 as the best ever. The only real bum in the bunch is Kristi Lee Cook and we’ll get to her in a minute.

Syesha Mercado – She has an above average voice and has a confident stage presence, but she strikes me as someone better suited as a multimedia personality (like Jennifer Lopez) than strictly a singer. She’s beautiful and I have no doubt that she’s a pretty decent actress . . . so, I don’t look for her to have much success on this show, but she might have the career of a Jennifer Hudson without the Oscar.

Chikeze – I was blown away by this. I really did not like him during the Top 24 rounds but tonight he got a reprieve from me. If he continues performing songs like this, he can stick around until the end and I won’t complain one bit.

Ramiele – Boring. You need to do better than this if you plan to stick around. Something tells me that with her friends gone, so is her heart and desire to win this thing.

Jason Castro – I find him refreshing and I think his piercing eyes really draw the viewer in. His affable, “aw shucks, how did I get here?” personality rivals Archeleta’s and is more palatable at times. He should come in 3rd.

Carly Smithson – I think she’s superb. I was thinking Kelly Clarkson the whole time she was singing, only even more polished than Kelly was at the beginning of her career (since Carly isn’t really “at the beginning” of her’s this makes sense.) I’m glad Simon finally gave her credit, but then to ask later, “What’s the Irish girl’s name?” was ridiculous. You have ONE job, Simon. Know the contestants names. Sheesh.

David Hernandez – He’s trying to hard. Ever since he got a “boring” critique on the Top 24 he’s overdone it. Sometimes it works, but with Beatles songs, you don’t need to overdo it. That’s the beauty of great songs that are written with thought and sincerity . . . they don’t need extra flavoring.

Brooke White – I love her style but she needs to stop looking at the keyboard when she plays. Have more confidence and let it flow. I did find her emotion after her performance nice and think she really is a nice person.

David Cook – Wow. He gets better every week and really is growing on me. He presents himself as a star. His look was great tonight and his confidence and ease of performance is going to propel him far, I hope. He might actually be the surprise dark horse in this year’s competition.

Amanda Overmeyer – I love her. I love her. I love her. She is so different and is exactly what this competition needs to remain relevant and interesting. I hope she’s stays in long enough to have to tackle something lame like Disco night or Broadway or something. That should be a wonderful trainwreck. But in a good way.

Michael Johns – Zzzzzz. I hope he goes soon, but he won’t because he’s the one the granny’s are going to swoon over this year.

Kristi Lee Cook – Send her home now. “I liked it,” she says after all the judges told her she sucked. I hope you did, sweetie, because you’ll be rewatching it as your one and only performance on this stage.

David Archleta – My boy let me down and in a big way. I remember disliking him with passion when he was on Star Search 7 years ago and tonight sort of reminded me why. He always seemed over rehearsed and I feared his stage mother was going to rain down with hot coals on him if he messed up. Perhaps I’m wrong. I know this- the pressure of the big stage did him in worse than I’ve ever seen it do someone in before. He won’t get the pimp spot (getting to go last) again for a very long time, I betcha.

I’m anxious to see the theme next week and who we might get as a guest mentor. They were all pretty fabulous last year. See ya next Tuesday night!


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