A few random updates/thoughts:

Obviously, I’ve changed the layout on my web site again. (If you’re not reading this there, please go check it out. It’s http://www.kirksheppard.com/. I think I am happy with it this time – at least for now.

This snow is beautiful, but I wish it had hit during the week when I could have justified taking more time away from clients to do paperwork. For those who keep asking, the show is still on tomorrow. For crying out loud, we’re still 25 hours away. Have some faith in the road crews ability to manage a little bit of winter weather, would ya? The snow is going to stop by noon. There should be no issue getting to the event. Come see me manage Jesse Hyde against Mr. Hayes’s mystery man.

I have heard from Chad several times already, and that is comforting. It’s good to know that he has access to MySpace and email and all of that. His web site is up and running at MachineGunAnderson.com.

I have a toothache so bad, it feels like the pain is up in my ear. But the vicodin helps. It also makes me sleep, which is great while I’m off but I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have to go back to work on Monday. Hopefully the antibiotic will have taken effect by then.

I got home from a long day of errand running yesterday to discover that I have OnDemand channels on my cable now. This means that the long awaited WWE 24/7 channel is now mine! And I’ve been watching it a lot. There is a lot of really cool stuff on there; I wish they’d show more old school WWF stuff and I suppose they will starting on Tuesday. Right now there is a great Madison Square Garden show from 1986 that even had Bull Nakano and Dump Matsumoto and the Crush Girls in two different ladies matches. Sivi Afi opened things up with the completely underrated Moondog Spot. Ricky Steamboat got his hands on Mr. Fuji in a singles match, Tito Santana tried to regain the IC Title from Savage, and Jake Roberts made his debut against Lanny Poffo. Hercules Hernandez wrestled a very agile George Wells. There were more and it was fun to watch as this is one of my favorite eras of wrestling. Right now I’m watching an episode of World Class. Its great!

I just took another half of a Vicodin and I’m fading fast. Check back later for more . . .


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